How Long Does A Thorough Office Fit Out Take to Finish?

If you’re about to start the journey of an office fit out, or are starting to think about it, you probably want to know how long it will take. Am I right? The perceived time it takes to undergo an office fit out is a deterrent for a lot of people. In reality, it shouldn’t be!

If you are aware of the process behind an office fitout, the time it takes is half as daunting and a quarter as risky. Being aware of the potential risks of any project is the best way to guarantee success. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a guaranteed blanket timeframe that we can give you right now because no two projects are the same. The best thing to do if you want a precise time frame is to get in contact with a professional. What I can tell you, and what I will discuss in this article, are the factors that have the greatest impact on your office fit out schedule. 


How Big Is The Office Fitout?

How much space do you need? The bigger they are, the harder they fall, or at least the longer the office fitout will take. This might be an obvious one, but the larger your business is and the more office that needs to be fitted out, the longer the project will take. 

This shouldn’t affect your decision when doing an office fit out. If you need a bigger office to facilitate your staff and resources, do not compromise their productivity so the office fit out takes a bit less time to finish. 


The Condition of The Property 

Maybe you’ve found an office space that needs to be fitted out in the best possible location for your business but the property has seen better days. Don’t worry, during an office fit out the condition of the property can be rejuvenated to whatever you need. It will just take a little bit longer.

The location of your new office is very important and you shouldn’t risk moving into a space that is less ideal simply because one needs some love and tidying. 


The Complexity of Your Office Fitout Design 

Your office fitout design should reflect your brand, culture and values. The office is the magnifying glass from which your organisational ideology will be fostered and your staff motivated. Because of this, a lot of companies decide to go with a completely custom designed commercial office fit out plan. No matter how customised an office may be though, they usually follow a specific style. You can read up more on the styles here, but the basic ones from fastest to fit out to slowest are as follows:

  1. Traditional style office 
  2. Scandinavian office style 
  3. Industrial office style 
  4. High-tech office style 

An example of a high-tech, large office fitout that would have taken a long time is Apple Park, the Apple headquarters. If you compare that to your traditional commercial office fitout on St George’s Terrace in Perth, it is obvious the time difference would have been huge.


Getting Approvals, Certificates and Applications 

When undergoing an office fitout, there are rules and regulations that you have to adhere to, which you can read more about here. Some of these rules and regulations take quite some time to apply for and bw granted approval. There isn’t much you can do to speed up this process other than be prepared and submit them as early as possible. The main ones include:

  • Building permits 
  • Development applications 
  • Certificate of design compliance 
  • Certificate of construction compliance 
  • Approval from your building manager 

Generally speaking, you should allow yourself 25 days from the time you submit any applications, to expect to get them back. So make sure you submit them early to avoid idol waiting time! If you need a hand sorting all of these things and you are worried you are missing something, you should get help from an office fitout professional. 


Waiting For Supplies For Your Office Fitout 

Ever since COVID-19, the issue of supply and demand has been made more and more obvious. Just look at the global GPU market for computers. They have been sold out for months because the planet has been working from home. 

If you are planning a commercial fit out, gathering your supply before you start is a great idea. If you finish the construction of your office but haven’t got supply of all the furniture and resources you need, you will be potentially waiting, or at least running at half the productivity for a long time. Everything to do with your office fit out timeline, if you stay on top of it you will reduce risk and potential delays.


Timing For An Office Fitout 

The timing of your commercial office fitout makes a big difference because commercial fitout companies, and other builders, can be fully booked during busy seasons. Entering the new calendar year, or entering the new financial year, is a very popular time for people to upgrade their space or move offices.

If you plan your fitout outside of these periods, you may be able to save some time. Otherwise, if you are closed during the last weeks of December and it is the best time for you, just make sure you book in nice and early.


As A Rule Of Thumb 

When going through the process for an office fitout, it is critically important not to rush it. Simply start earlier or set the deadline later if you have to. This is particularly important with the research stage of your journey. Make sure you thoroughly plan and communicate the project with whichever professional you are working with, and your staff. Taking the extra time and effort to make a great office fitout will pay dividends, I guarantee it.

The research stage can take any number of weeks to comfortably complete, but as a general rule of thumb, the construction of an office fitout takes about 4 weeks. The factors I have mentioned above are what will shorten, or lengthen this time. 


The Benefit Of An Office Fitout Professional

Selecting an office fitout company has many advantages when undergoing an office fitout. The Office Fitout Professionals are the best in commercial office fit outs in Perth because of our complete turnkey solution. 

We will make sure we provide you with all the tools, designers, and commercial interior builders you need to meet regulations and make the process very easy. This is what separates us from other fitout companies in Perth. 

You want a starting point for your commercial office fit out in Perth? Well, we’re it! The only thing slowing you down now is you! Contact us today to start your complete office rejuvenation.