7 Things to Consider When Working Out How to Start A Stress-Free Office Fitout

If you’re an office manager and are faced with the task of moving offices, it is likely one of the most stressful things you will do. How do you maintain productivity while your office is all over the place, or closed? 

Don’t panic! Even if your tenancy has expired, the upcoming move could prove to be a great opportunity for your business. The biggest ally you will have in this process is to remain calm, and get prepared for your move. Understand what is going to be involved in the process, and crack away at it one step at a time. 

A new office fitout can be an exciting time! It can give your business some much needed rejuvenation that will speak volumes to your customers and staff. Your tenancy expiring could be the proverbial kick in the butt you needed! Don’t be nervous. Get excited!


7 Things to Consider When Starting to Undergo The Office Fitout Process

  • Calculate Your Budget 

Before undergoing your office fitout, you should consider what your budget is going to be. If you do not, or you don’t try to stick to it, costs will rise tenfold.

  • Design Your Office to Suit Your Brand

When designing your new office, your design should align with your brand. If you’re a creative company maybe go for an open-space industrial style office. Or if you’re more corporate, go for a traditional approach.

  • Get Ready to Communicate Your Plan

When undergoing a move, you have to communicate it. You have to tell your; staff, clients, landlords, suppliers and other contacts. If you don’t, it could seriously disrupt your business.

  • Don’t Skip Out On Furniture 

If your staff are comfortable, they will work harder. If your clients are comfortable, they will be more trustworthy with you taking their money. Make sure your furniture is quality.

  • Try Predict What Your Future Needs Will Be

The world is becoming more and more digital. You need to make sure you’re equipped with the best technology. You shouldn’t think of what you need now, you should think of what you’ll need in the future. 

Additionally, if you’re planning on expanding your business, you need to workout if you have enough space. Make sure you get a large enough office to fit all your current and future staff.

  • Declutter!

A move is a great opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need. Furniture, gadgets, even files, this sort of junk can all be cleaned out during a move.

  • Plan The Process So You Don’t Have Any Nasty Surprises 

Like most of your business, any big decisions and operations need a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Without a plan, you will not fulfil your office fit out requirements. With an office fitout you should plan the; who, what, where, why, and how of the process.


Stuck In An Outdated Office Thanks To A Sticky Tenancy Contract? 


Here’s 5 Ways You Can Exit It Early So You Can Start Your Office Fitout!

If you are considering a commercial office fitout, but are restricted by tenancies or building managers, you shouldn’t delay yourself because of it. Putting off an office fitout or office move/expansion could mean months of lost efficiency. In some cases, it is better to rip the bandaid off early and end your tenancy agreement. Here are 5 ways you can end your tenancy and begin your commercial office fitout in Perth:

  • Surrender the Lease

You can approach your landlord and ask to surrender your lease. This is when both you and your landlord agree to end the lease on mutual terms. Your landlord has no legal obligation to say yes to your request and it is totally within their right to decline it, or charge you a surrender fee.

  • Early Termination Clause

When first signing a lease, sometimes the contract includes an early termination clause, otherwise known as a break clause. You should be aware if you are entitled to this, or negotiate for one on a new contract. This will set the rules you have to adhere to if you want to break the lease early.

  • Assignment of Lease

This is when you transfer your legal and financial rights and obligations to a new tenant, granted your landlord is okay with the arrangement. This will usually be the cheapest method to end your lease early.

  • Subletting the Premises 

If you only want to use a part of the premises, you can sublet part of the property to another tenant. They will pay part of the rent and use part of the property. This will also need consent from your landlord.

  • Licensing 

The last option is to let someone else use the property, but not exclusively. This is called licensing. If you want to share kitchens, meeting rooms, printing rooms etc, this can be done with licensing. This again will require permission from your landlord. 


Pros of a New Office Fitout and Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Office Fitout Process

When undergoing a new office fitout, there are many great benefits you can gain from doing so. You just need to make sure you have the right plan. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Presents Well to Clients 

If your office is starting to get outdated, it can present poorly to your clients. Your clients may form negative opinions about your business based on this. Moving office and undergoing a complete office fitout is a great opportunity to strengthen your brand image.

  • Makes Your Staff Comfortable 

Your staff might also begin to get frustrated if they’re working in an outdated or “tacky” office. If your staff aren’t happy in the space you provide them, why should they work so hard for you? A new office can fix this problem!

  • Provides You With The Right Resources

If the resources your staff have aren’t sufficient, the productivity of your office will be halved. Moving office to something new can fix this productivity issue by providing you with an opportunity to install the right resources into your space.

  • Can Offer You Better Proximity to Clients 

Perhaps the demographic of your office has changed? If your business is going to operate better in a new location, then a move should be on the top of your priority list. It can be a huge advantage!


Cons of a New Office Fitout 

Though there are some great benefits to an office fitout, no doubt, there are also a few problems. Here are the main ones: 

  • Your Business May Be Disrupted  

When  moving or undergoing an office fitout, your business operation will be disrupted, or even completely closed. This can be combated by correct planning and forecasting. If you plan and budget for when your business may have to close, this will be no problem. 

  • It Can Be Stressful

If you are an office manager, or responsible for an office fitout, no doubt you will come to realise it is one of the more stressful things to do for your business. Correct planning is the best way to alleviate this stress.


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