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Direct the flow in your new office with a stylish range of office partitions and dividers.

Dividers and office partitions

Office Fitout Professionals are Perth’s one-stop shop for high quality, custom-made office partitions. Whether you’re looking to section your workspace, create privacy or make a statement in your office interior design, we can provide you with the perfect solution. We have the ability to design, build and install a wide range of partition types, including glass office partitions, practical plasterboard screens, decorative wall features and more.

Upon scoping your office space, our experienced team of specialists will advise you on how to best fulfil your objectives. We will create a tailored office partition design that meets your unique requirements and fits within your budget. As we are able to handle all aspects of your office partition needs in-house, we can ensure you receive a fully satisfying outcome.

Effective Office Partition Solutions

As we custom build all of our office partitions, we have a thorough understanding of how to use the properties in specific materials to achieve certain results. While two plasterboard partitions may look visually the same, they can vary greatly in acoustic performance and insulative capabilities. We know how to use the right product in the right way to create the desired effect, while also taking aesthetics into consideration. The colours, textures and materials used in your partitions will have a great impact on your office interior design.

Our team can design your office partitions to support the style of your working environment. For instance, if you wish to create a dynamic working area that boosts productivity, we can inject greenery through the use of live plants or add a burst of colour with a vibrant mural painted directly onto your partition screens. We will also factor in the characteristics of your brand during the design process. As an example, if your business needs to present as professional and sophisticated, we can use rich wooden textures to express these qualities.

Aesthetic Office Wall Partitions

If you’re looking to invest in a decorative office partition, our designers can work closely with you to realise your vision. We can achieve a wide range of styles, from intricate metal work to simple wooden slats. Partitions that only serve for aesthetic purposes tend to be positioned in areas of high visibility that experience a lot of foot traffic. We will carefully consider the practicality of your office partition feature, ensuring it adds wow factor to your interior design without becoming an obstruction.

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