5 Questions to Ask Your Office Fitout Professional and 5 Things to Consider to Guarantee Success

Each office fitout process is different. The best thing to do if you’re undergoing a commercial office fitout in Perth is to ask a professional. But what should you ask? The information you get is only as good as the questions you ask. Here are some of the things you should consider before you consult a professional, as well as some of the things you should ask.


5 Things You Should Consider Before You See An Office Fitout Professional

The first thing you need to do before you undergo a Perth office fitout is to create a plan. Here is a list of things you need to consider before you talk to one of the fitout companies in Perth: 

  •  Timeline 

The first thing you should do is workout a timeline for your office fitout. Your business will be disrupted or maybe even close during an office fitout, especially if you have to move office. Workout when this might happen so you can strategically plan your closure in a quiet period. 

  • Budget

If you don’t work out a budget, or you don’t stick to it, your costs will accumulate and may be very damaging to your business. Working out a budget will dictate if you can afford a fitout and help you remove unexpected costs. 

  • Forecast 

If you are undergoing a Perth commercial fitout, you should forecast where your business and your industry is going. 

You should predict if you are going to be expanding, and accommodate accordingly. If you need more space, you should get more space.

Additionally, you should forecast where technology within your industry is going. You should plan to accumulate the resources you will eventually need and design your office to be able to accommodate them.

  • Design 

Your office fitout design should reflect your business. The design of your office is a great way to inspire your brand image. Apple headquarters looks like a UFO because they want to convey the futuristic innovative mission of their company.

If you select an office fitout company with complete verticals, that ties design and construction together, the process will run much smoother.

  • Staff Needs 

Your staff are the engines of your business. Ensuring their needs are met is like keeping up to date with your car’s servicing. It cannot be skipped. Making sure they are comfortable with appropriate furniture, rec rooms and kitchen supplies is an important investment. 

In the planning stage of your office fitout, you should listen to your staff. Get ideas and opinions of what they would like the new office space to look like.


5 Questions to Ask Your Office Fitout Professional

Choosing the best fitout professional and making sure they understand your needs can all be done with a few questions. Here are some of the best things to ask a professional for a commercial office fit out in Perth: 

  • How Long Have You Been in Business?

If a business has been running for many years and has built up a reputation for themselves, chances are they are a good option for your project. That isn’t to say a new company is bad, it just means more often a long-standing business is the better option. The fact a business has been doing the same operations for many years also gives you the reassurance they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Have You Done Any Projects Similar to My Office Fitout?

This is a great question to ask. Different fitout companies in Perth will specialise in different things. You should ask to see some examples of past projects and see if any are similar to your design goals.

For example, you might select an office fitout company that is notable and has been operating for over two decades. You have some friends that are successful lawyers and accountants and this company has done a great job for them. However, you might be a film studio of sorts, or a marketing or public relations agency that emphasises on creativity. This company that specialises in traditional offices might be out of depth fitting out a creative space and your wishes.

  • How Long Will It Take?

Another very important question. As mentioned above in the things to consider section, you need to outline a timeframe because you may have to shut your business during the office fitout. The timeline in which this happens is based on how you and your business collaborate. It will be a great advantage if you can calculate this timeline early. 

  • Are You Insured?

The fitout business you use being insured doesn’t just protect them, it protects you. If something unforeseen happens and the ones responsible for your office fitout go under, what will happen? You will be in quite the predicament being left to pick up their costs! 

Additionally, if the business undergoing your office fitout goes under while your business is temporarily closed, and you can’t reopen until they are finished, the cost of your office fitout will go through the roof.

  • What are Your Payment Terms?

Get your payment terms negotiated before you sign anything. Get. Your. Payment. Terms. Negotiated. Before. You. Sign. Anything. This cannot be stressed enough. This will outline between you and your office fitout professional what is expected.


So, Which Fitout Company Should You Go With?

When it comes to commercial fitouts in Perth, Office Fitout Professionals (OFP) rank among the best of the fitout companies. If you consult OFP with the questions mentioned above, you will find answers that you want. 

OFP offers a complete turnkey solution to Perth commercial fitouts, which means you give the problem to us, and you can leave it with us. We will adhere to any and all of your office fit out requirements. We will arrange all the relevant things you need, like designers and commercial interior builders, to undergo the rejuvenation you need.

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