A Step-By-Step Guide To Your Office Fit Out Process

So, you’re an office manager or you’re a person that is interested in undergoing an office fit out? If that is the case, and it’s time for you to start undergoing a new office fit out, it is a very exciting time for you and your business. An office fit out is a great way to motivate your staff and sharpen your brand!

Before starting your journey, you need to understand the process that is involved when undergoing an office fit out. By doing so, you are giving yourself the best chance for success. Here is our guide to the office fit out process that you can use to understand the steps involved, and put your staff on the same page!


4 Benefits Of An Office Fitout 

Outside of necessity and being forced to move, there are plenty of reasons why you should get excited for an office fit out. Here are some of the included benefits:

  • Gives You Room For Expansion 

Just like any business, I’m sure you have goals and ideas for future expansion. It is a characteristic of the free market and healthy competition between businesses. Undergoing a new office fit out, or planning for one, presents you with the perfect opportunity to accommodate future expansion. Try and predict what your resource and staffing needs will be 5-10 years from now, and reflect that in your new space. 

  • Can Give You Ideal Proximity To Your Clients/Customers 

If your business operations have changed, or your ideal customer demographic has changed, maybe a new location would help. A new office fitout can give you the ability to better position yourself to your end consumer.

  • It Can Motivate Your Staff

Everyone likes new things. New car, a new house, new shoes, an office is no different. Because of this, a new office can increase the mood of your staff which will increase their productivity. 

Also, a new office fit out can create a more productive space by providing the resources your staff will need.

  • It Can Sharpen Your Brand 

Your office space is part of your brand and not just an area to do work. If clients/customers come to your offices, and they are not impressed, it will leave a sour taste in their mouths. Have a look at Apple Park, Apple’s headquarters in California. Apple wants to come across as new-age and innovative, and as such their headquarters looks like a spaceship! 


The 8 Step Commercial Fitout Process 

Alright, if you’ve gotten to this stage, you’re probably already convinced of the benefits of an office fit out, or are forced to go through one. Here is the process that you need to consider in order to implement a successful project: 

Step 0: Keep The Entire Team Up-To-Date 

Before you do anything, and during the entire project, you need to be clearly and regularly communicating with your staff and team. Not only is this polite to do so they can get themselves ready to move, they will also be able to help you. Even though you might think what you’re doing is straightforward, you’d be surprised at the brilliance of a collective mind. Keep everyone on the same page!

Step 1: Create A Time Forecast 

Paying for two leases at the same time is pretty expensive and I’m fairly certain you don’t want to be doing that. Before you begin, create a forecast for how long things will take, and create a schedule for you to stick to. Working out when is the best time to begin the project and how long you can afford to be doing it for will be a huge factor for success. 

If you aren’t moving office and are instead renovating the current one, creating a time forecast will help you reduce the time you are potentially shut for.

Keep in mind that most things will take longer than expected.  

Step 2: Create An Interior Design Plan and Resource Checklist 

Start thinking about all the things you will need in your new office. Think what sort of recreational areas you need, how many work spaces you need, what design is going to best reflect your brand? Make sure you take your time with this step. It’s cliche but it’s true; if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Step 3: Select Your New Office Space 

This will only apply to you if you are moving offices and aren’t renovating the old one. When selecting, think about; which space will have enough room for your staff and resources, which office is in the best proximity to your operations, and which office will reflect your brand the best. 

Step 4: Find A Professional To Do The Fit Out

Whether you hire a complete turn-key office fit out professional, or multiple independent contractors, you will need someone to actually do the office fit out. Shopping around, doing your research and reading reviews will be most beneficial to do thoroughly. 

Step 5: Certificates, Approvals and Regulations 

Once you’ve got your space, you’ve got a plan, and you’ve got someone to do it, you need to go and apply for all the relevant rules and regulations for your office fitout. You can find out what they are here

Step 6: Construction Begins 

At this step, the construction will finally begin. There isn’t a whole heap for you to do here, but you should definitely closely watch how the project is going. You should try not to set and forget at this step. You might not be able to build the office yourself, but you sure can oversee it. 

Step 7: Final Approvals 

Once the construction is done, or at least the bulk of it, you can check off any last approvals and certificates that you need. Also, if you have any problems with how the project has been finished, now is the time to speak up and rectify the problem. 

Step 8: The Handover and Furnishing 

You’ve made it to the last leg of the journey. Granted you have been given all the approvals needed and you are happy with the job that has been done, it is time to install the furniture and do the handover. You’re almost there!


The Benefit Of An Office Fitout Professional

Selecting an office fitout company has many advantages when undergoing an office fitout. The Office Fitout Professionals are the best in commercial office fit outs in Perth because of our complete turnkey solution. 

We will make sure we provide you with all the tools, designers, and commercial interior builders you need to meet regulations and make the process very easy. This is what separates us from other fitout companies in Perth. 

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