A Starting Point For Your Office Fitout Wishlist

Furnishing any space is a difficult task.  An office is no different.  In fact, the office has the additional challenge of having to maintain a level of productivity within your business to ensure key challenges and goals are met.  Therefore, choosing the right commercial office fitout for your business is extremely important — but how do you do it?  


The first step is understanding what your needs are so your perfect office fitout design can be realised by your office fitout specialist.  Understanding your needs and creating a wishlist ready for your office fitout specialist is the best way for you to create the perfect office space!


6 Perth Office Fitout Trends and Ideas

When designing an office fitout, it is important to not only consider what is technologically and practically functional, but to also consider what is trendy.  If your staff feel they are working in a “cool” and “trendy” office, their overall work enjoyment will improve.  Here are 6 Perth commercial office fitout trends you can use:


Traditional Office Style

This style of office design is one of the more popular choices of commercial fitouts in Perth and is exactly what you’d expect. Simple in design, traditional office fitouts generally consist of a common area, desk cubicles, kitchen and boardroom. Where it lacks in colours, flaunting only neutral tones of greys and white, it makes up for in team productivity. Traditional office spaces offer more privacy, higher performance work areas, and better control over how you use the space. 


Industrial Design 

As the name may suggest, the industrial design uses industrial materials in its style choice.  Exposed red bricks and raw materials create a real rustic atmosphere in the office, as if you were in the early days of the industrial revolution.  This office fit out is great for a creative workspace. 


Scandinavian Office Style

The Scandinavian office style is very simple and typically includes the bare minimum in terms of decorations and office equipment.  It uses natural materials to give it a very “earthy” feel.  An example would be a single wooden desk, a single wooden chair, a single laptop, pencil, notebook and lamp, with a few surrounding houseplants.  This office space is fantastic for a home office.


Hi-tech Futuristic Office Style 

As you could imagine, a high-tech office has a lot of technology.  For instance, Apple’s headquarters in California “Apple Park” looks like it could be some sort of space-ship.  That is the message they want to convey to their consumers.  They are a tech company that pushes innovation and their office reflects that.  If you want to convey a similar philosophy, it would be wise to follow suit.


Moving Desks

Desks on wheels are an office fitout idea that will promote group collaboration.  Staff will be able to position their desks wherever they’d like and work next to many different people.


Standing Desks

Sitting all day is unhealthy.  With more and more emphasis on health, there is a large trend for standing desks in office fitouts around Perth.  Standing desks will improve your staff’s general wellbeing and mood. 


 When To Get A New Office Fitout

When it comes to Perth commercial  fitouts, there are a number of reasons why and when you will need one.  Here are a few:


You Started A New Business

Starting a new business? How exciting!  You have the perfect opportunity to have a completely new office fitout design!


You Need To Move

Are you having to move office to better fit the needs of your clients and staff?  Will your business be more profitable in a different location?  If yes, this is a perfect opportunity for a brand new office fitout!


You Are Expanding

If your business is expanding, taking on more clients, you will also need more staff.  This may also mean you need more office space or office utilities.


Your Office Does Not Match Your Identity 

Your office is where the culture of your business will be fostered.  Your staff will not only spend most of their working time there, they will spend most of their lives there.  Having a comfortable office space will improve productivity and help focus your staff on organisational goals.


Your Office is Outdated 

Your office needs to be able to represent your business with the same level of professionalism as your staff.  It needs to align itself with not only your business identity and goals, but also that of society and your clients.  For example, if you were in the tech industry and your office was filled with outdated technology, your clients will be off-put.  Additionally, if your office is outdated, it won’t be able to complete some of the tasks the highly techbased world we live in relies on. 


Tips to Consider When Creating A New Office Fitout Wishlist

Office fitouts are an exciting process for your business and your staff.  A new space to work in is just as exciting as a new house!  Here are some tips you might want to consider when designing your new place of business.


Think About the Future

As I will mention in my further points, it is important to always be thinking about the future in your office fitout design.  Accurate forecasting and planning will ensure your office space stays functional for the longest time.


Further Expansion

Are you planning any further expansion in the future? If so, you should design your office fitout accordingly.  Design and plan out a space larger than your current workforce.  This will also give you good motivation to fill it!


Technological Evolution 

If your industry is prone to rapid technological change.  You should forecast what the change will be in years coming and design your office fitout accordingly.  Failing to do so might mean you have to go through another commercial office fitout sooner than you should.


Understand Your Budget

Things like moving costs, potential storing of equipment costs, new furniture costs and design costs, among other things, may creep up on you and be more expensive than you anticipated.  More forecasting will mean less surprises.  A quote isn’t a promise to engage, so use lots of them!


Understand Staff Needs

Your staff are the engine of your business.  Understanding their needs in the office will ensure their productivity remains high.  Having adequate room, utilities and recreational facilities in your office fitout will help your business.  Understand how staff are using the current office and design the new one accordingly.


What Design is Authentic To Your Office? 

Your office fitout design is a great way to communicate your brand, culture and goals to not only your staff, but your clients/customers as well.  By having a functional and presentable office space, you can easily communicate a level of professionalism in your business.  Choosing a design choice that will represent your brand, such as an industrial office fitout for a creative business, or a traditional office fitout for a corporate business, will focus your staff and client interactions.


How Much Time You Have. 

Remember, when renovating an existing office space, the time it takes to renovate may mean the time your business can’t be operating at its best productivity levels, if it stays open at all.  When going into an office fitout renovation or build, you should understand how much time it will take so you can plan to potentially close business at the best time.


Building Requirements

When planning your office fitout, checking your building requirements is quintessential.  You might not be able to do some of the things you had planned because of the requirements in your building.  Checking before you start will help you minimise unexpected costs.


Who Will Do It? 

When it comes to commercial office fit outs in Perth, few can fulfil office fit out requirements like Office Fitout Professionals. Office Fitout Professionals stand out among other fitout companies in Perth because we offer a complete turnkey service.  We have our own team of designers and builders available to fulfil all of your office fitout needs.