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Looking to upgrade your office furniture? Office Fitout Professionals stocks a great selection of modern office workstations and contemporary office furniture to suit all offices and commercial spaces. Whether you’re outfitting a dynamic startup or a well-established corporate office, our Perth office furniture is built to provide durability and versatility.  We can supply or supply and install any commercial office furniture to your space design and requirements.

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The range includes:

Office Chairs

Discover our ergonomic office chairs, which have been curated with the modern worker in mind. With various styles to suit different needs, from mobile task chairs and meeting chairs to sophisticated executive chairs, each is meticulously crafted. Let us support you with optimal backrests, swivels and sleek, contemporary aesthetics.


Desk Systems

Our desk systems combine functionality, ergonomic design, and aesthetic appeal to create productive and comfortable work environments. Whether you’re outfitting a corporate office, creative workspace, or collaborative area, our versatile desk systems can be customised to fit, with integrated storage, power and cabling solutions.


Acoustic Solutions

Explore our acoustic panels and soundproofing solutions to transform your workplace into a space of focus and productivity. Our innovative range of acoustic wall and foam panels, sound-absorbing partitions and floor materials are designed to reduce noise levels and create a more comfortable environment.


Boardroom Furniture

Boardroom furniture needs to make a powerful impression while fostering a professional and collaborative atmosphere. Our collection features slimline conference tables with extras like adjustable feet, comfortable executive chairs, and versatile storage solutions that combine superior craftsmanship with modern design.


Modular Pieces

Modular furniture pieces offer the ultimate in flexibility and adaptability for any workspace. Designed to grow and evolve with your needs, our modular solutions include custom and versatile shaped seating options and storage units that can be easily reconfigured or added to. Available with or without glides, there is a wide range of fabrics to choose from.


Open Plan Desk Systems

Stay connected and productive with sleek, minimalist designs that maximise space while promoting a sense of openness and teamwork. With custom configurations from spine desk modules to side-by-side, and features such as adjustable heights and integrated cable management, our open plan desks provide a practical and stylish solution for any office layout.


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  • Cost Effective

    Office furniture that is considered, affordable excellence? OFP can help!

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    We stock in-demand products, so no need to wait for transit from the Eastern states.

  • Expertise & Knowledge

    We can advise on the right furniture solution for your commercial or office space,

  • Based in Perth, WA

    Perth’s local experts, we know Perth and can get you office furniture, fast!

About Us

Transform your office into a stylish and functional workspace.

Our collection features clean lines, minimalist forms, and innovative materials that reflect the latest in design trends. From sleek desks and sophisticated storage solutions to elegant seating options, each piece is crafted to offer both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.
Our modular furniture options allow you to configure and reconfigure your space with ease, adapting to changing demands and growth.


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Are you looking for ready to go office furniture to complete an office fit out project? We can supply commercial grade office furniture to suit any brief, for any industry.

From workstations and boardroom furniture to supply of office desks and chairs, our stylish and ergonomic office furniture is a great solution for all Perth offices and commercial spaces.


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Our Office Interior Design Services

Need advice on the best office fitout design to maximise productivity and meet space requirements? Office Fitout Professionals are one of Perth’s leading Office Interior Design Companies, from planning to complete commercial, warehouse and office fit outs.
With our extensive expertise and in-house team of specialists, we’ll help you design a workplace that wows your customers, inspires employees, and optimises your space for maximum productivity.


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Our mission is to provide you the most cost-effective office fit out solution in the most convenient way possible.

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