A Stress-free Guide for Office Managers: How to Complete an Office Fitout On Time & On Budget

Office fitouts can be a double edged sword of sorts. They are an extremely exciting process which you can use to sharpen your brand image and bolster the motivation of your staff. However, they can also be extremely stressful, and if done incorrectly, be extremely costly.

If you’re an office manager, knowing where to start your office rejuvenation process will play a massive advantage in ensuring your commercial office fitout is a success. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know for your commercial office fitout in Perth. 


What’s the reason for your office fitout? 

There are many different reasons you may be doing an office fitout, and depending on what sort of fitout you are doing, your needs and starting point will change. Are you:

  • Expanding?
  • Downsizing? 
  • Relocating your office?
  • Upgrading your current office?
  • Renting your space?
  • Do you own your space?

Ask yourself these questions, and ask yourself why you are doing them. You may find a better option. You might find that you’re moving your office for no reason, and it might be a better idea to stay and upgrade. You might find you’re expanding your office when you’re happy with the amount of staff you have. Be strategic about your office fitouts in Perth.


5 Things to Consider When Planning for Your Office Fitout 

The first thing you need to do before you undergo a Perth office fitout is to create a plan. A plan will give you the best chance for success.

  •  Set a Timeline 

The first thing you should do is workout a timeline for your office fitout. Your business will be disrupted or maybe even close during an office fitout, especially if you have to move office. Workout when this might happen so you can strategically plan your closure in a quiet period. 

  • Calculate Your Budget

If you don’t work out a budget, or you don’t stick to it, your costs will accumulate and may be very damaging to your business. Working out a budget will dictate if you can afford a fitout and help you remove unexpected costs. 

  • Forecast What Your Future Office Needs Will Be

If you are undergoing a Perth commercial fitout, you should forecast where your business and your industry is going. 

You should predict if you are going to be expanding, and accommodate accordingly. You need to calculate if you need more space.

Additionally, you should forecast where technology within your industry is going. You should plan to accumulate the resources you will eventually need and design your office to be able to accommodate them.

  • Design Your Office Around Your Brand

Your office fitout design should reflect your business. The design of your office is a great way to inspire your brand image. Apple headquarters looks like a UFO because they want to convey the futuristic innovative mission of their company.

  • Accommodate for Your Staff Needs 

Your staff are the engines of your business. Ensuring their needs are met is like keeping up to date with your car’s servicing. It cannot be skipped. Making sure they are comfortable with appropriate furniture, rec rooms and kitchen supplies is an important investment. 

In the planning stage of your office fitout, you should listen to your staff. Get ideas and opinions of what they would like the new office space to look like.


Laws, Regulations and Headaches to Be Aware of For Your Office Fitout

Perth office fitouts have their own set of office fit out requirements. You have to be aware of them to ensure success for your project. The things to be aware of include: 

What are The Building Regulations? 

Before starting your project, you need to check with your building manager that the modifications you are doing are allowed. Each building has their own set of rules. There is no point starting your project without permission.

What Building Permits Do You Need?

Sometimes your project will need you to get a building permit. The state government mandates that you need one if you are undergoing “building work”. But what is building work? Are there exceptions? You can find out here.  

What is Building Compliance? 

Building compliance is another difficult thing to understand. Essentially, compliance is the way in which the building operates. Blocking travel paths or exits will affect compliance.

What are The Certificates and Applications You Will Need?

There are several applications and certificates you will need to acquire to undergo a Perth office fitout. Development applications, certificates of design compliance, and certificates of construction compliance are just some of the few. Read more here.

Do I Need A Registered Builder?

Your office fitout may need to be conducted by a registered builder. This will be needed if the fitout is considered “builder work”. A definition of builder work can be found on the building commission website.

Manage Your Stress

The last thing to be aware of if you’re an office manager is that office fitouts can cause a lot of stress. The key thing to do is to keep calm, take it one step at a time and stick to the plan the best you can. If you need, get help from your staff. Don’t be rushed and plan well and truly in advance.


The Benefit Of An Office Fitout Professional

Selecting an office fitout company has many advantages when undergoing an office fitout. The Office Fitout Professionals are the best in commercial office fit outs in Perth because of our complete turnkey solution. 

We will make sure we provide you with all the tools, designers, and commercial interior builders you need to meet regulations and make the process very easy. This is what separates us from other fitout companies in Perth. 

You want a starting point for your commercial office fit out in Perth? Well, we’re it! The only thing slowing you down now is you! Contact us today to start your complete office rejuvenation.