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Reduce noise and enhance focus with our acoustic panels for offices. Whether you are creating quiet rooms or want to soundproof meeting rooms & general work areas, we have the right solution for all commercial, Not for Profit or government workspaces.

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How We Can Help with Your Office Soundproofing

We are a leading provider of acoustic wall panels and acoustic foam panels in Perth. Being experts in office renovation and design, we have the ability to design, build and install a wide range of office soundproofing solutions to reduce or block out unwanted noise. Experience great quality control, better prices and quick turnarounds with Office Fitout Professionals.

Acoustic Wall Panels Perth

Our acoustic wall panel solutions not only enhance the aesthetics of your office but also provide a practical and effective way to manage noise and create a productive environment. By seamlessly integrating these panels into your office’s design, you’ll experience reduced distractions and improve focus.

With our acoustic wall panels and acoustic foam, you’re not just getting a design upgrade; you’re investing in a quieter, more efficient, and ultimately more successful work environment for your business or organisation. If you’re looking for acoustic walls in Perth, contact us to see how we can help.

Office Soundproofing Perth

Imagine a workspace where your team can focus without interruptions, where confidential conversations remain private, and where meetings can be held without the worry of disrupting others. Office Fitout Professionals offer solutions for a range of use cases, such as call centres, busy open plan environments, meeting rooms and more.

Enhanced Productivity: Minimise distractions and create an environment where your employees can concentrate, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Improved Communication: Hold meetings and discussions without disturbing neighboring workspaces, enabling effective communication and collaboration.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Ensure that sensitive discussions and client interactions remain private, fostering trust and professionalism.

Enhanced Employee Well-Being: Reduced noise levels contribute to a less stressful and more comfortable work environment, positively impacting employee satisfaction and retention.

Quiet Rooms and Sensory Rooms

With years of experience in Fitout Design across Perth, we specialise in tailoring Quiet Rooms and Sensory Rooms to your specific needs. Our professional team works closely with you to understand your goals and design spaces that seamlessly integrate into your existing workspace.

From office environments to government organisations and healthcare, Office Fitout Professionals creates zones that provide a soothing pace of calm and focus.


Whether you need some simple advice and support, or a custom designed solution, speak to a friendly professional today.

Benefits of Installing Acoustic Panels for Offices

Whether you are looking to reduce noise in busy common areas and meeting rooms or create a safe, quiet space in healthcare and disability, we have a wide range of soundproofing solutions for your business. With Office Fitout Professionals, the possibilities of our acoustic panelling solutions are endless.

Noise reduction in busy offices & meeting rooms

Renovating or subdividing the office? Our plasterboard partition walls and acoustic foam allow you to create room dividers and section-off open plan offices, create private meeting rooms and help reduce office noise. 

From floor to ceiling, they can be installed with noise dampening insulation, customised with glass, or painted for aesthetic appeal. 

Everything is done in-house for a quick turnaround, we can even apply for a building permit on your behalf. 

  • Create private meeting rooms
  • Subdivide the office space
  • Customisable options available
  • Cost-effective

Calming quiet rooms in healthcare & disability services

Office partitions come in all shapes and sizes, this includes floor to ceiling glass partition walls, or a mixture of plasterboard and a glass panel. 

Glass partition walls are great for maximising natural light, provide a clear view of your office space and are super flexible.

They are ideal for corporate office partitions, dividing up open plan office spaces or soundproof creating meeting rooms, without affecting the open plan feel. 

  • Allows for more natural light
  • Customisable options; frosted glass, coloured glass, double glazing
  • Soundproof 
  • Flexible applications; entrances, doors, special design features 

Sensory room for autistic patients

Turn your office wall into a decorative feature that enhances productivity and the look and feel of your office space. 

Our range of office partitions and room dividers includes intricate metal work to simple wooden slats, among other decorative office partitions. 

Ideal for sectioning off busy areas of the office such as the kitchen or reception area, our designers work closely with you to find the perfect office fit.

  • Enhances office interior design 
  • Unique and customisable
  • Boosts productivity 
  • Doesn’t restrict light or line of sight

Sound proof private spaces for your office

Need to change the layout of your office fast? Section office space in a matter of seconds.

Our freestanding office screens and partitions are the fastest and most cost-effective option for creating additional workspace quickly whenever necessary. 

With or without wheels or feet, our freestanding office room dividers are super lightweight, easy to store, and give you the flexibility to change your office layout in seconds. 

  • Cost-effective
  • Create visual barriers
  • Highly customisable
  • Flexible applications

Reduce noise in open offices

Open plan offices promote collaboration but often come with unwanted noise and distractions. Our Soundproofing solutions strike the perfect balance, creating a harmonious and productive environment. Reduce noise in open plan areas with our acoustic panels for the office.



Need help with a sound proof space design or fitout?

Are you looking to manage the sounds in your office, but you’re unsure of what you need? Get expert friendly advice and support from Perth’s leading office fit out professionals.

Courtney Kelly
The name says it all. A professional operation, great communication, fantastic people running the operation from design, planning all the way through to construction. Able to work to any budget and extremely fast process from start to finish. Hands down best in the business, If you would like to see their work in person drop into our Podiatry practice "The Foot Studio" Claremont, 216 Stirling Highway. Ask for me and I'll give you a run through. Highly recommend
Baseline Onsite
Alex Tonge and his team renovated our medical clinic with excellent professionalism. There were no disruptions to our day-to-day operations during the works and we are very happy with the end result. The work site was left clean and safe, and Alex went the extra mile to change the swing direction of a door to ensure the clinic safety and aesthetics of the project was complete and functional. Highly recommended!
Mark Luft
We approached OFP to fit out our new Perth office and showroom facility and could not be happier. Being based interstate was a challenge but the OFP team really took the stress out of the project for us. Nothing was too much trouble, these guys delivered high quality workmanship, on time and were able to accommodate changes as we went. I would not hesitate to use OFP again and highly recommend this company.
Janice Rowe
The staff at Office Fitout Professionals did an amazing job with our renovations. Special thanks to Alex for going above and beyond in moving and reassembling furniture, it was very much appreciated.
Lisa Manea
Absolute professionals who went out of their way from Director to Project Manager to Contractors to ensure an entirely wonderful office strip out and 'make good' in an extremely limited time period. We will be using OFP in the future and couldn't recommend them highly enough for all your office fitout needs & more! Thanks team - Lisa Manea, Biota Environmental Sciences Pty Ltd
Ashleigh Stevenson
As a non-for-profit organisation OFP were amazing to work with on the refurb at our head office. As some services continued to run, the OFP worked around these clients in a respectful and efficient manner. I would definitely consider OFP for your next commercial office reno.
Joshua Fox
OFP were asked to fit our lunchroom/breakout area with audio/video presentation facilities and motorised blinds. The solution they provided exceeded our expectations. It was completed to a top quality standard and it was discretely fitted. Scott was a pleasure to deal with throughout the process and he was very helpful and flexible. I would highly recommend OFP - they were incredibly professional throughout and we will certainly be reaching out to them for future work at our office.
archie rodrigues
OFP has always been our go to for any office renovations and fit out jobs. They are very professional, prompt and friendly. We have had a wide variety of jobs taken care of by Scott who is always willing to provide his expertise, knowledge and assistance. I can rely on OFP to deliver projects within budget and on time.
James Milazzo
Professional and helpful in delivering a range of services. Would recommend and use in future.
Craig Hollett
I was impressed with the speed and flexibility of Office Fitout Professionals with my firms recent office build. We were on a very tight timeline and they worked with us to accommodate that timeline. We are very happy with our fitout and have continuously received compliments from our clients on how great it looks. Our staff love the fitout as well.

Project Highlight

Rocky Bay Transformation

In collaboration with Rocky Bay, a renowned NDIS and disability services organisation based in Perth, we embarked on an extraordinary project to create an exceptional sensory room experience. The centrepiece of this endeavour was the development of a one-of-a-kind sensory room, meticulously designed to offer a calming and subdued atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from dark tones and innovative acoustics, our team meticulously crafted an environment that truly stood out.

This sensory room aimed to provide a multi-sensory experience that would soothe and captivate the senses of its users. What made this project truly remarkable was the remarkable effect achieved through our design. Upon entering the room, visitors and users alike reported an astounding sensation – the feeling that sound was effortlessly “sucked out” of the space. This sensory room transformation showcased our commitment to creating inclusive and therapeutic environments for our clients.

Our Clients

Frequently asked questions

What are acoustic panels, and how do they work?

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing materials designed to reduce noise in office spaces. They work by capturing and diffusing sound waves, preventing them from bouncing off hard surfaces and causing echo or reverberation.

Do acoustic panels completely soundproof an office?

Acoustic panels primarily focus on reducing noise reflections within a room, making it quieter and more comfortable. While they significantly improve sound quality, complete soundproofing may require additional measures like soundproof walls and ceilings.

What are the benefits of having a quiet room in the workplace?

A quiet room offers employees a sanctuary for brief respite, reducing stress, and promoting mental well-being. It can improve focus, productivity, and overall job satisfaction by providing a calm and distraction-free space.

What features should I include in a sensory room for children with autism?

A sensory room for children with autism should include elements like soft lighting, sensory wall panels, tactile materials, calming music or sounds, and comfortable seating. It should be designed to accommodate sensory needs and provide a safe, calming environment

What is the difference between acoustic panels and acoustic foam?

Acoustic panels are typically made from rigid materials such as fiberglass, wood, or metal. They are designed to absorb sound waves and reduce reverberation within a space, which are perfect for meeting rooms, private office spaces and sensory rooms.

Acoustic foam, on the other hand, is made from soft, porous materials such as polyurethane foam or melamine foam. It is designed to absorb sound waves through its open-cell structure, which are better suited for open plan offices, large office spaces or areas where you require noise reduction but not pure soundproofing.

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Our mission is to provide you the most cost-effective sound treatment solutions in the most effective way possible.

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