How to Best Prepare Yourself For An Office Fitout Expansion

There are a number of reasons why you might need to undergo complete commercial office fit outs in Perth. If you are expanding your business, it is a prime time to completely renovate your office space. A large barrier to doing this is people often don’t realise just how easy the process actually is! In this blog we will discuss the process to complete an office fitout when you’re expanding and what you need to prepare to do it.


The 4 Step Process For An Efficient Office Fitout For Your Office Expansion

When undergoing an office fitout, there are four verticals, or steps, you will go through to complete the office fitout process. The more integrated and the more efficient the four verticals are between each other, the better your office fitout experience will be.

  1. Designing and Planning
    This step will put your vision onto paper. The more time you spend on the designing and planning of your office fitout, the easier the steps following will be. It is best to sit down with your interior designer to work out what your needs are and reflect your brand in your design. Do you need a boardroom? How many desks do you need? You need to think about these questions and talk about them with your interior designer.
  2. Rules and Regulations
    It is important to finish your plan and design before trying to adhere to all the rules, regulations, permits and requirements you need for your office fitout. By finishing the plan and design first, you will accelerate this process. For example, if you try to get permission from your building manager without a prepared plan to show them, it will be very difficult.
  3. Construction
    The next process you will undergo is the construction of your office fitout. You will need to do your plan and apply for all requirements before this stage. If you don’t, you might waste a lot of time having to rebuild parts of the fitout which will cost you a lot of time and money. Time is important because your business may have to close during an office fitout, which will lose you revenue. 
  4. Furnishing
    The last bit of polish you will put into your office fitout is the furniture. You want to make sure in this step that you provide your staff with the appropriate and most comfortable office furniture to maximise productivity. In addition, the furniture in your office fitout will reflect your brand to staff and clients, so you want to carefully select what you are using.


The Resources You Need for an Office Fitout

When you go through an office fitout, you will need resources to do it. Here are some of the main ones:


A common question, what tradespeople are needed for an office fitout? There may be more, but the most common are; ceiling fixers, partitioners, carpenters and decorators. You will want to make sure to use tradespeople because they will deliver the best quality and office fitout safety.


An office fitout may mean you have to temporarily close business. When planning, you should aim to do it in a quiet period or over a public holiday, to minimise the loss of revenue you might face.


When going through an office fitout, you will need a space to do it in. Knowing your space and arranging a lease agreement before planning a fitout will help you. This is because knowing the square metres you have to use will give you an idea for what you can do with the space. 


Before you plan your office fitout you need to have a clear understanding of what budget you have. This will outline what you can do with your office fitout. If you are having to cut costs in an office fitout, it will reflect poorly to your staff and clients. Additionally, you need to forecast the revenue you will potentially lose if you have to close your office temporarily.


 When To Get A New Office Fitout

When it comes to Perth commercial  fitouts, there are a number of reasons why and when you will need one.  Here are a few:

You Started A New Business

Starting a new business? How exciting!  You have the perfect opportunity to have a completely new office fitout design!

You Need To Move

Are you having to move office to better fit the needs of your clients and staff?  Will your business be more profitable in a different location?  If yes, this is a perfect opportunity for a brand new office fitout!

You Are Expanding!

Is your business doing well? You have plenty of clients and are super busy!? Congratulations to you, your business is expanding! If your business is expanding, taking on more clients, you will also need more staff.  This means you need more office space and office utilities. In other words, it is the perfect opportunity for an office fitout!

Your Office Does Not Match Your Identity 

Your office is where the culture of your business will be fostered.  Your staff will not only spend most of their working time there, they will spend most of their lives there.  Having a comfortable office space will improve productivity and help focus your staff on organisational goals.

Your Office is Outdated 

Your office needs to be able to represent your business with the same level of professionalism as your staff.  It needs to align itself with not only your business identity and goals, but also that of society and your clients.  

For example, if you were in the tech industry and your office was filled with outdated technology, your clients will be off-put.  Additionally, if your office is outdated, it won’t be able to complete some of the tasks the highly tech based world we live in relies on. 


Stress-free Turnkey Solutions for all Fitouts in Perth

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