What to Consider When Choosing Flooring for your Office Space

There is a lot to consider when refitting or designing a new office space. One of the most important decisions that you will need to determine is the best flooring for your office environment. Office flooring is not just an aesthetic concern, but it can also affect anything from staff productivity to added costs.


1) Office Layout-

The way an office is set up should be a major deciding factor when choosing office flooring. This is because it’s important to choose a product that suits the different needs of an office.

For example, businesses that have a reception area will want to consider a vinyl flooring option or a product that can withstand the foot traffic of a busy front reception. Whereas some businesses may have an open plan office with lots of noise. For this area, it would be wise to select a carpeted flooring which will assist with the acoustics throughout the area as well as offer standing support.

By taking into consideration the layout of your office into your flooring plans, you will ensure that each space will work best for both clients and staff spending time there.


2) Weather & Location-

Does your office have a lot of windows and get hit by the afternoon sun or are you situated somewhere that is shaded and cool year-round?

With whatever space you have, when choosing the best flooring for your office make sure to consider the temperature and location of the area. The right flooring for your climate and location can help to reduce your energy bills and keep your staff and clients comfortable.

For naturally warm offices, vinyl or tiled flooring will help keep the office cooler. Whereas for offices that run on the cool side, carpeted flooring is recommended for its ability to maintain a steady warmth throughout the room.


3) Foot Traffic-

Whether you have a bustling office or a quiet, small firm, you’ll want to ensure that the flooring you select suits the foot traffic day in and day out.

For offices experiencing high volumes of foot traffic, it is recommended to stay away from carpeted commercial flooring and go toward a stylish vinyl floor option instead. Carpet in busier areas tend to come with a higher cost because it’s more likely to show wear & tear and requires frequent cleaning. However, it is an excellent option for the quieter spaces in offices where foot traffic is minimal, likened to meeting rooms or workspaces.


4) Interior design-

Choosing the right style of flooring for an office is also a factor that should be incorporated into the decision-making process. While it is important that customers and staff are comfortable, it’s also beneficial to consider aesthetics that represent a company’s brand. The aim is to create an experience for everyone who walks through the doors.

There are thousands of options across both commercial carpet and vinyl flooring to help give an office space its own unique look. If you are considering this, the best option is to speak with a professional fit-out specialist who can work with you and your business’ interior to help select the right product.


5) Your Budget-

When selecting a flooring, it is important to keep a budget in mind. While most carpet and vinyl flooring options are affordable, some styles can have a larger price point per sq. metre.

While natural flooring options can be quite expensive, Vinyl flooring has quite a selection of cost-effective options in an array of colours and textures that look nearly identical to hardwood floors.


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