Small Office Interior Design Ideas

Small office interior design ideas to inspire your much needed work space upgrade. Here is what you need to consider before embarking on an office fitout, how to start planning your home office design and the small office ideas you have been looking for.


What are you trying to get out of your office interior design?

Before you hire office fitout professionals its important to know what your desired outcome is. What do you want from your new office space? Whether you want to increase productivity or boost happiness in the workplace, there are many benefits to a well designed and intentional work space. 


Office interior design benefits:

Boost productivity

Working remotely from your home office desk has its pros and cons. While working with your pet curled up next to you is a big plus, finding the motivation to work productively on your own can be challenging. An office interior design intended to boost productivity can help you survive the crazy work days and enjoy more of the pros than the cons of remote work. 

Visually pleasing 

Do you spend a lot of time in meetings with clients and employees, either in person or over zoom? A visually pleasing and beautiful office design doesn’t just look impressive to clients, it can help you and your staff feel more confident and happy in the workplace.

Spark inspiration 

Are you a creative who spends a lot of time in your home office brainstorming ideas for your next newsletter, youtube video, or client project? You might benefit from an office space that has been intentionally designed to spark inspiration. Inspiring office decor can come in many forms, depending on what feeds your creative mind. 

Calm and destress 

Do you need a small office design that calms and relaxes you and your staff, especially when work is particularly stressful? Whether you use a home office remotely or a small office down the street, a calming work space can increase focus, happiness and work satisfaction.  


Small office interior design ideas 

Looking for office design ideas or office decoration ideas? Here is the office space inspiration you need to turn your outdated and outgrown work space into a productive modern marvel. Whether it’s a small home office or a small office for your growing business. 


Reduce noise, increase productivity and create more designated work zones with expertly designed and installed partitioning.  

  • Creative and colourful storage:

Optimise a small work space with office decor that increases storage options and adds happiness boosting colour. 

  • A fun and inspiring mural:

Incorporate your business motto on an empty wall for visually pleasing inspiration. 

  • Industrial shelving

Whether you run your business from a home office or a small office space in the city, your work space will benefit from functional and visually pleasing shelving. Especially when it’s made with rustic woods and black metal.  


What do you need to consider when planning your new office interior design?


An office fitout can disrupt your business or even require you to relocate to a different work space during construction of your new office space. Can you and your staff work from home during your office fitout? Do you need a space to accommodate in person client meetings? Planning ahead and scheduling your office fitout when you know work will be quieter can alleviate any stress. 



Do you have a budget for your small office fitout? Have you accounted for unexpected costs? Costs for big projects can accumulate easily without you realising and cause unnecessary stress. Working out whether you can afford an office fitout before you begin designing your new dream space will create a smoother experience. 


Work space requirements 

Where is your business and your industry headed in the future? Do you need to factor in exponential growth now and design an office plan that factors in space for more staff than you currently have. What about technology? Technology is constantly changing and improving and if your business or industry relies on the latest technology improvements you want to accommodate potential technology updates over the next ten or more years. 



What is your business’s brand image? Create a powerful brand with seamless continuity across every area of your business, especially your business headquarters. Your new office fitout should reflect your business and the message you want to convey to your clients. 


Staff needs 

How can you create a happier workplace for your staff? An enjoyable workplace with comfortable office furniture, quiet and calming spaces, office snacks can boost productivity and overall workplace satisfaction.


How do you start planning and renovating your new office design?

A small office design upgrade begins with a speaking to office fitout professionals about your business and space. Here is what you can expect from the consultation process with the expert team at office fitout professionals.


  1. Free consultation
    Come in and talk to us about your ideas for your new office space. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your office fit out requirements, scope of work, and budget.
  2. Receive a personalised quote
    Based on the requirements gathered in our first meeting, we’ll put together a quote with a full cost breakdown.
  3. View Initial Concept Drawings
    We’ll create computerised concept drawings to give your stakeholders and decision-makers a clear vision of the proposed workplace design, and check that we’ve ticked all your design requirements.
  4. Commence construction
    Working with construction teams for many years has given us a unique understanding of building and planning regulations. So we’ll take care of the preparation and application for the required construction licences, without adding to your workload.


Who can help you with your office design?

Simplify your office upgrade with the specialists at Office Fitout Professionals. Contact the expert team today to schedule your free consultation today.