Office Interior Design Hacks

Office Interior Design Hacks

It can be easy to overlook the importance of quality office design, but the layout, look and feel of your workplace can actually have a direct impact on the success of your business. As a poor working environment can negatively affect employee wellbeing and overall morale, it could in turn reduce efficiency and productivity levels.

If your office interior design lacks the styling and functionality required to support your team, you don’t necessarily have to undertake a complete renovation. There are many smaller, more cost-effective changes you could make to improve your office design and the performance of your team.


Adjust Your Lighting

All too often, office interiors come equipped with unattractive fluorescent lighting. Notorious for causing eye strain, headaches and draining energy levels, fluorescent globes are potentially one of the worst lighting types to be used in an office design.

As an alternative, find ways to make use of as much natural light as possible. This could involve repositioning or reorienting workstations toward windows, opting for lighter window treatments or replacing solid room dividers with glass partitions.

In situations where your building has a lack of windows to work with, you could try switching out fluorescent bulbs for LEDs. Far more cost and energy efficient than fluorescent lighting, LEDs will effectively illuminate your workspace without adversely affecting your team members.


Manage the Clutter

Clutter is nothing more than a distraction in a working environment. It can make it difficult for employees to concentrate and cope with stressful circumstances, while also hindering creativity and general efficiency.

Given the fast-paced nature and high demands of the modern workplace, it’s near impossible to avoid some form of clutter build up. The key to overcoming clutter is to find ways to organise your office and manage the chaos. From simple shelving to cabinets and bookcases, there are many storage options that can provide your office with a practical solution while also contributing to your interior design.


Add Some Colour

There has been a lot of research into colour psychology and how various combinations of hues can influence the mood within an office design. It all depends on the type of work that your team members will undertake, and the appropriate emotional state required to perform these activities. For instance, creative industries will benefit from very different colour combinations than professional services that manage private matters for clients.

Once you have identified the most suitable colour scheme for your office, you can incorporate the colours into your interior design in various ways. You could paint a feature wall, hang artworks on the walls or add accents of colour through décor accessories.


Use a Fragrance

When finding ways to enhance your office interior design, it pays to consider all of the senses, not just the power of sight.

As aromatherapy can affect brain waves and behaviour, certain scents can be used to create an atmosphere that boosts productivity and fosters a positive mood. For instance, the smell of cinnamon is said to improve focus, while varieties of citrus can awaken a tired mind. The aroma of pine has the ability to improve alertness and lavender can have a calming effect to soothe the nerves when working under pressure.

You can incorporate a desirable fragrance into your office through the use of diffusers, air fresheners and purifiers, or you could introduce a natural source into your space, such as potted lavender or rosemary.


Include Indoor Plants

While the rising trend of indoor plants may seem purely aesthetic based, there are many other benefits to be gained from injecting greenery into an office interior design. Indoor plants can reduce pollutants, control dust and generate oxygen, providing employees with cleaner, fresher air to breathe.

Much like the lighting in your office, better air quality can also lead to improved health and a clearer mind. Studies have also shown that indoor plants can have a calming effect, reducing stress and fatigue.


Get a Customised Solution

Even when making minor changes to your office, it’s a good idea to get advice and recommendations from an interior design professional. The Office Fitout Professionals in Perth can provide you with a design solution that’s customised to your budget and your needs. Contact us today.