Create the Right Impression with your Commercial Interior Design

First impressions count in all aspects of life. While a positive first experience can get a new relationship off on the right foot, a negative one could lead to major setbacks.

Everything from your outfit to your handshake can impact how people receive you as an individual, but when it comes to your business, it is your interior fit out that will influence how clients and potential employees perceive your company.

As a visit to your space will likely be the first interaction between you, it’s important to ensure your fit out accurately reflects your brand and how you do business.

By taking the following design factors into consideration, you’ll be able to create the right impression with your commercial interior fit out.


Space and Layout

It may seem minor, but the arrangement of desks and furniture can say a lot about your business and its culture. For instance, if your company thrives on creativity and collaboration, your commercial space should be set up in a way that stimulates discussion and the brainstorming of ideas.

An open office layout can represent honesty and integrity, as it suggests there is nowhere to hide. Flexible seating, hotdesking arrangements and desks that face each other all encourage social interaction and co-operation, while indicating versatility and adaptability.

On the other hand, you may also need to create spaces that feel secure and private, especially when dealing with sensitive client information. Appropriate placement of partitions and separate, enclosed rooms will send the right message and help to put clients at ease.


Materials and Colours

Every aspect of your commercial fit out can be used to communicate your brand, from the materials used on the coffee table in the reception area, to the colour used on the feature wall in the bathroom. No detail is too great or too small.

It’s all about finding the right combination of textures. Heavy wooden furniture can give the impression of strength and stability, while metallic décor could suggest innovation and modernity. You could promote transparency through the use of glass partitions, shelving and tables, or create an impression of luxury or by including marble, furs and golden trimmings.

When it comes to using colour in your commercial space, there’s so much you can do above and beyond a coat of paint on the walls. You can also inject colour into your office through artwork, window dressings, furniture and more.

The palette used throughout your interior fit out should tie in with your company colour scheme and express the qualities associated with your brand. Pops of bright colour can convey a brand that is fresh, daring and dynamic. At the same time, an intentional lack of colour in a design can also send a clear message. By making use of strong textures against classic white or black backdrops, you can leave a powerful impression of maturity, strength and authenticity.


Comfort and Functionality

To leave a good, lasting impression, your commercial interior fit out also needs to provide comfort and functionality. User-friendly, ergonomic chairs in waiting areas coupled with small tables to place handbags, laptops and briefcases will be well received by all who visit your space. Meeting rooms should have sufficient seating, all staircases should be fitted with handrails and all working areas should be well-lit.


Reduce Clutter with Storage Solutions

A cluttered commercial space suggests inefficiency and disorganisation; two qualities you do not want to have associated with your business. To keep surfaces and walkways clear, look into smart storage solutions that will effectively manage paperwork, stationery supplies, office equipment and more. Where possible, consider online and cloud storage options to minimise paper build up and free up space.


Commercial Interior Design

Every decision you make from your flooring to your décor will have a major impact on your commercial interior fit out. It pays to engage a professional designer to help you create the right impression of your business. Contact the Office Fitout Professionals in Perth to transform your commercial space today.