Improve Workplace Productivity with Office Partitions


Your office design can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of your employees and workplace productivity levels. With appropriate placement and styling, office partitions can be used to increase the health and happiness of team members, consequently leading to improved job performance. Here are 5 ways in which your business could use office partitioning in Perth to improve workplace productivity.


Effective Office Layout


Your office layout and the flow of the space needs to be designed for functionality and convenience. By effectively positioning partitions throughout your office, you can create a workspace that helps rather than hinders your team members.


For instance, basic tasks such as collecting documents from the printer or walking to the bathroom should be effortless. Separate departments that often work together should be able to do so with ease. These day to day activities can quickly become challenging if there is an improper flow of foot traffic flow or placement of workstations.


It’s so important to effectively place partitions throughout your office space. Even the smallest details can greatly affect job satisfaction and performance.


Designated Spaces


Open plan office designs were once all the rage as it was believed it would encourage collaboration and communication. Studies have since shown that open working spaces actually have the opposite effect, with workers often choosing to email colleagues rather than engaging in face to face interactions.


Office partition walls are an ideal way to section the workplace into areas that can be designated for specific activities. Instead of having all office activities taking place in one large room, partitions can create spaces that are purpose-built for meetings, brainstorming sessions, private conversations and more.


Businesses can also use office partition screens to create boundaries between workstations, allowing each team member to have their own space for solo tasks. It provides employees with greater opportunities to focus and concentrate, without completely cutting them off from their colleagues and the wider office.


Minimise Disruptions


As briefly touched on above, open plan office layouts also lead to greater noise levels in the workplace. Research has shown that job performance can drop by up to 66% when employees are subjected to noise and distractions.


One way to minimise such disruptions is to introduce office wall partitions throughout working spaces. Certain partition styles can block out sound without becoming a visual barrier that detracts from the design of the space. Glass office partitions can be used to create the appearance of an open plan layout, while also controlling noise levels and preventing sound from travelling throughout the entire workplace.


Own Sense Of Space


Productivity levels in the workplace can be increased by up to 32% when employees are able to control the layout of their workstation. By installing partition screens around individual workspaces, employees are able to create their own private, personalised space within the office. With the ability to store items and decorate the space, team members will be more comfortable and generally happier in the workplace, leading to a natural productivity boost.


Inject Colour & Style


When thinking of office partitions, the first image that comes to mind might not be the most inspiring. You may be surprised to learn that partitions can actually come in many different shapes, sizes and materials, including wood, metal, glass and more.


The style of your office partitions can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your workplace as well as the performance of your team members. For example, partitions can be transformed into green walls filled with plants. As greenery can reduce stress levels and air pollutants, your employees will in turn be calmer and healthier.


Glass office partitions can counteract the health issues associated with fluorescent lighting by increasing the amount of natural light in your office space. With access to more sunlight and vitamin D, the mental wellbeing of your team members will improve.
What’s more, the colours used in your partitions can also encourage productivity. Soft, cool colours can soothe the mind, while bright and vibrant shades can stimulate creativity. It all depends on the type of workplace you need to create.


If you’re looking to integrate partitions into your office design, it’s best to use a specialist that will be able to advise you on how to achieve the best possible results. The Office Fitout Professionals are office partitioning Perth experts in office designs and renovations. Our team can work with you to transform your workplace into a hub of productivity. Contact us today.