The Vertices Involved In An Office Fitout | What You Need To Know

When undergoing an office fitout, there are plenty of things that you need to know which can make the process a touch confusing. Understanding the verticals of an office fitout and how they work together can be a starting point to digesting the process and making sure your office fitout is cost-effective and timely. 

In this blog, we will walk through what they are, how they tie together, why it’s important that the process is efficient and which fitout companies in Perth do it best.


What Are Fitout Verticals?

When we talk about fitout verticals, we are talking about the process/ecosystem something has. Verticals are all the gears and parts that make up a machine. In terms of an office fitout, this would be the steps involved to give you a complete fitout experience. 


What Verticals Are In An Office Fitout?

In an office fitout, the verticals involved may seem a little confusing and it may seem overwhelming to use them all in order to get to an end result. Here are some of the main ones:


Vertical 1: Designing & Planning 

The first vertical in the commercial office fitout process is designing and planning your office project. You will need to use the best interior designers to come up with your ideal space. 

Much time and care needs to go into this step because your office space will reflect your brand to not only your staff, but also your clients. You have to reflect your brand in your design plan. This step is also important because it will help you apply for permits and stick to building legislation. 


Vertical 2: Rules & Regulations

The next vertical is to go about getting all the permits, certificates and allowances you need to start your project. There are a few that you need for Perth commercial fitouts, these may include:

  • Building permits
  • Development applications
  • Certificate of design compliance
  • Work to completed by a registered builder
  • Permission from your building manager

It is important to have your plan before this step because it will help you subscribe to office fit out requirements and safety measures. For example, going to your building manager without a plan to try to get permission for your office fitout will be difficult. Going with your plan already prepared will make it much easier for you.


Vertical 3: Construction 

Vertical three is the construction phase. After getting all the permission you need, you will start building your office fitout plan. For Perth office fitouts, you need all the appropriate tradespeople, such as: ceiling fixers, partitioners, carpenters, and decorators. 

You need to make sure that you have all permission and planning done before you start your construction because you may have to shut business temporarily while construction is going ahead, which can be costly. 

Additionally, if processes in construction are on hold while you’re running around trying to get a permit, it can cost you a lot of money. Moreover, if you build something that does not subscribe to building requirements and legislations, to deconstruct it and build again will carry massive costs.


Vertical 4: Furnishing 

The last vertical and step in the fitout process is to furnish your office space. It is clear why this has to be done after the construction step. You want to make sure you supply your office with the furniture you need for your industry and furniture that represents your brand. 

For example, Apple would not have traditional office furniture and windows computers, since they are a tech brand that represents innovation and builds their own computers. Just take a look at the flying-saucer looking apple headquarters, called “Apple Park”  in California. 

Apple very clearly represents their new age innovative mission in their office space. Commercial fitouts in Perth should do the same. Furniture is also important because it ensures the comfort of your staff, which will increase productivity in the office.


How The Verticals Tie Together

As you may have noticed from the previous section, to go through commercial office fitouts in Perth, the verticals are more or less the steps you need to go through. You can’t undergo an office fitout by skipping any of the steps/verticals.  

Each step/vertical compliments each other and each one leads to another. By making sure each vertical is polished, each step becomes easier, and more cost-effective. Paying close attention to each vertical will ensure the best complete office fitout.


Why Vertical Efficiency is Important.

It is important to have efficiency among your verticals because it will reduce cost and save time on your office fitout. It is important to have a project manager that is able to communicate between all verticals at all stages. 

This makes sure the needs of each vertical are heard and communicated to other steps of the process. It is important the plan and design is communicated to whoever is seeking permits and to the construction team, just as it is important for the construction team to communicate to furnishings when they can begin their process. 

Efficiency is needed so your office fitout can be as quick as possible. The longer your office fitout takes, the longer your business will run at half-capacity, or be closed entirely.


The Benefit Of An Office Fitout Professional

Selecting an office fitout company is the best thing to do when undergoing an office fitout. The Office Fitout Professionals are the best in commercial office fit outs in Perth because of our complete turnkey solution. We will make sure we provide you with all the tools and professionals you need to meet regulations and make the process very easy. This is what separates us from other fitout companies in Perth. 

We will make sure the verticals needed in the process are completely polished and integrated, which will provide you with a perfectly efficient vertical system to an office fitout. 

We can do this because we provide verticals in house and communicate to our professionals through a single united voice. We understand you have a business to run, you don’t want to be spending all your time organising an office fitout. 

Let our team do it for you. You will not regret it!