Why Sustainable Fittings Are The Key To Saving On Cost

While it may be tempting for commercial property owners to cut corners and save costs throughout a fit-out process, when it comes to true savings, sometimes ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Making  important sustainable decisions when undergoing a fit-out can provide long-term savings that’ll reward you for many years to come! Here are some of the best ways to save with sustainable fittings.


Installing Sustainable Lighting

Did you know that the top three energy-drainers in an office space include heating, cooling and lighting?  Lighting accounts for more than 35% of the average commercial building’s electricity bill! When you consider this, the true value of sustainable light fittings really ‘comes to light’… Energy-saving light bulbs can be a great way to save electricity costs for commercial property owners. Simply making the switch from incandescent bulbs to energy saving lights like LEDs and fluorescents can reduce your lighting energy consumption by up to 75%!


Maximising Natural Light

For even greater savings on energy, make the most of natural light. Maximise your use of nature’s gift with fittings like skylights, translucent wall panels and bay windows. Partitions are another great way of improving the natural light in your office space, all while allowing your corporate identity to shine through.  At Office Fitout Professionals, we can fit out your space to make the most of every inch of sunlight – it’ll create a more spacious feel and breathe new life into your building.


When you find out that one-fifth of a home’s heating is lost through its windows, it becomes scary to think about the amount lost in an office space! Ensuring that your windows and doors are draught-proof can reduce your space’s heat-loss by up to 86%, helping to save big bucks on heating costs. If you’re renovating or undergoing a fitout with a focus on sustainable design, ensure that all doors and windows are draught proof and the perfect fit for your space.


Opting For Water-Saving fittings

Most Australians make an effort to save water for ethical reasons, but how about the cost-saving benefits? Installing more sustainable plumbing fittings is an effective way of reducing water wastage and reducing your property’s costs. Low-flow plumbing fixtures are a savvy property owner’s best friend, as they reduce excessive water flow to conserve water. At Office Fitout Professionals, we can help ensure your space is set up for maximised water (and money) savings, with sustainable products like low flow taps, toilets and even shower heads. We offer a complete in-house service, so we’ve got the supply and install fully covered!


Selecting Green Flooring

Not the colour green, unless that’s your style… using sustainable materials for your flooring can save you big bucks in the long run. When you’re in it for the long-haul, a durable, low-maintenance flooring material like polished concrete will prove to be affordable and last your space a lifetime! On top of durability, we all want our flooring to look the part and compliment the rest of the office.  As builders and interior designers, we understand the importance of having functional office flooring that achieves your desired aesthetic, find out more about our flooring.


At Office Fitout Professionals, we’re experts in design and renovation. We’ve helped property owners across WA achieve more attractive, cost-effective and sustainable buildings for over 11 years. Our fitouts are done completely in-house, meaning we handle every step, from interior design and space planning, construction and fitout to the supply and installation of furniture and fittings. Contact us to find out how we can help you today!