How Much Does An Office Fitout Cost Per Square Metre?

Want to know how much an office fitout costs?  How much does an office fitout cost per square metre? There is no easy answer. There are many factors that will affect the cost of your office fitout. You can get a quote to try and compare prices — but what do they mean? What are you getting? Which one is better? Knowing how to read and understand them properly will best position you for your next office fitout. 


What Factors Impact Office Fitout Costs?


Office Fitout Company

Which office fitout company you choose will affect the cost of your project. Because of our turnkey solution to office fitouts, Office Fitout Professionals offer extremely competitive prices to Perth based office fitouts. We also offer free concept drawings for our customers so they can have a better understanding of their project, a luxury not many offer.  


The Size Of The Office Space

Obviously the bigger the office the more it will cost. However, office fitouts usually operate on economies of scale, and typically the larger the office is, the less per square meter the office will cost.


The Amenities and Features In The Office 

The more features and amenities your office has the more expensive your office fitout will be. There are no surprises there. You should work out and separate your needs from your wants prior to starting your project. This is probably the most efficient way to save money on a fitout. 


What You Have To Work With 

The realestate you have to work with at the beginning of your office fitout will heavily determine how much it will cost. For example, if you don’t need a new floor or don’t need to spend money on permits and the like, the cost of your commercial office fitout will be significantly less.


4 Tips on How To Save Money On Office Fitouts

Commercial office fit outs Perth show problems if you try to save costs in the wrong places. The best way to save money is not by shorting costs on the fitout itself, rather by planning your office fitout to save money in the future. This can be done with a sustainable office fitout. Office Fitout Professionals are ready with sustainable solutions and office fit out requirements for your business:


     1. Sustainable Lighting

Lighting on average takes up 35% of your office’s power bill. If you utilise natural lighting and use energy saving bulbs, you can save up to 75% of your power bill.  


     2. Draught Proofing

The temperature of your office is very important to the productivity of your staff. If they are too cold or too hot they will not work well. By draught proofing your commercial office fitout, you can reduce your heat loss by 86%. This will save you money. 


     3. Water Saving 

Using water saving tapware will ensure you do not accrue expensive water bills. Office Fitout Professionals can ensure you save the most water and money you possibly can.


    4. Sustainable Flooring 

By spending a little more money on your flooring in your office fitout, it will ensure it lasts. This is sustainable for the environment and will save you money by only having to do it once.  If your office aesthetic allows it, polished concrete is a great option and it is extremely resilient! 


How to Compare Fitout Quotes

It is of course a good idea to collect a few fitout quotes for your commercial office fitout. But comparing quotes isn’t always apples to apples. If you are going straight to the end of the quote to fetch a price and go for the cheapest option, you are bound to make a huge mistake. Not all office fitout quotes will quote you the same work or same level of detail.  


Quotes Without A Building Plan

A quote without a building plan is the most difficult way to compare quotes, as you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. Without a building plan, you don’t know if you are being quoted high-grade or low-grade materials, or if the working hours estimated in the quote are realistic.


Quotes With A Building Plan 

The size of your office fitout should indicate how detailed your quote will be. The more detailed your plan is, the more detailed your quote is. If your commercial office fitout is more extensive, make sure your building plan is just as extensive. Additionally, if you are getting quotes from multiple different contractors, make sure you are giving them all identical building plans. If they are different, you will get different quotes.


Best Office Fitout Companies In Perth 

When it comes to commercial fitouts in Perth, very few, if any, are better than Office Fitout Professionals. Our turnkey solution offers you a complete service from office fitout planning and design, to office fitout furniture, to providing you with the builders and tradies necessary for your project. Additionally, Office Fitout Professionals have a range of sustainable options that will save you money and are better for the environment. Our Perth commercial fitouts solutions will fulfil all of the office fitout requirements you have. 


Average Cost Per Square Metre 

The average cost per square metre for commercial office fitouts in Perth is in the ballpark of $500-$2,100. The information above; the size of your office, the materials you use, the features you include and what you already have to work with, will determine if you’re at the $500 end of the average or the $2,100 end. Whatever end you are at, you should let yourself fall there naturally. If it is on the expensive side of things, it is probably going to cost that much because it has to. Skipping out on costs in your office fitout can negatively affect the productivity of your staff. Your office fitout is going to reflect the culture of your business not only to your staff, but also to your clients. Do not skip on the expenses, reflect your business’s vision in your office fitout! Office Fitout Professionals stand atop other fit out companies Perth.