How to Plan for an Office Renovation

Before commencing an office renovation, you need to make sure it’s the right decision for your business moving forward. There are many factors that must be considered to ensure you will achieve a successful end result.

Unlike home renovations that could potentially be undertaken as a DIY project, it’s best to engage a professional company to undertake works at your office building. If you have a clear understanding of what you hope to gain from restructuring and redesigning your workplace, a commercial renovation specialist will be able to provide you with the most effective solution.

By performing the following tasks prior to speaking with a professional, you’ll be far more likely to experience a smooth and seamless office renovation.

How to Plan for an Office Renovation

Identify Your Objectives

First of all, you have to decide what your renovation needs to achieve for your business and its working environment. You must address both your current and future needs to ensure your office renovation will continue to work for you in the long term.

Use Of Space

How much space do you have available to you? Is your team struggling to fit into your current set up? Do you have intentions to grow the size of your team in the future? Make sure you know exactly how much space you will need as this won’t just affect the setup of your working areas. Communal spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens may need to be renovated as well.

How do you hope to use your space moving forward? Do you need to improve the logistics of your office layout? Will you need specific areas for designated tasks? Make a list of everything you would like to include in your office and decide what would be nice to have versus what is essential.

How to Plan for an Office Renovation


Upgrades & Improvements

When was the last time you updated your office? If your set up hasn’t changed in many years, your office may need a complete interior design makeover. Every aspect of your office fit out is a reflection of your business, both in terms of your brand and your company culture. While you need to make the right impression on your clients, you also need to ensure that your working environment supports your employees. From your décor to your equipment, think about every aspect of your office that may be outdated or in need of an upgrade so that you can communicate this to your office renovation company.

Brand & Culture

Take a look around your office. Does the design effectively express your brand? If the answer is no, start thinking about what you would like your space to say about your company. Do you want to be seen as energetic and creative? Should your business be perceived as professional and sophisticated? Office renovation specialists can take this information and find ways to incorporate your brand into your office design.

When it comes to your company culture, consider the type of workplace that you would like to create. How do you want your team members to feel each day when they enter your office? Happy and healthy employees are likely to be more motivated and demonstrate greater productivity levels. By working with a commercial renovation company, you can find ways to increase employee satisfaction and performance through your office design.


Accessibility & Safety

Do you have any specific OH&S requirements in your industry? Have you considered evacuation plans? Does your current fit out provide an accessible design for people with disabilities? Make sure you’re aware of all of your safety and accessibility needs when approaching a renovation company.


Calculate Your Budget

It’s important to have a good understanding of what you can afford to spend to ensure you get an appropriate solution. You don’t always have to choose the most expensive option to be able to achieve your desired result. There will always be cost-effective alternatives that will work just as well for you.

While it may be ideal to do a complete structural renovation, your budget may only be able to cater for an interior design refresh. Carefully review your financials to determine exactly how much you could spend on your office renovation.


Inspect Your Building

It’s a good idea to have a full building inspection performed before engaging any renovation companies. For one, this will avoid any nasty surprises later down the track, and for another, you can arrange for any necessary repairs to ensure your building is in a good condition before your office renovation starts. The key issues you need to be on the lookout for are sources of asbestos, mould, lead, termites and the condition of your electrical wiring.


Determine Timing

Depending on the scale of your office renovation, you may need to consider closing down. If you have seasonal periods that are traditionally quieter than others, this may be the best time to organise your renovation.

If a closure period isn’t an option for your business, your renovation may take longer to complete, but there are measures that can be taken to minimise the impact on your employees. Alternatively, you may need to find a temporary location for your employees to continue uninterrupted while work is underway.

It’s important to know how you wish to handle the timing of your renovation before reaching out to a professional company so that your project can be planned appropriately.


Communicate With Your Team

When you’re thinking about renovating your premises, it’s a good idea to communicate the impending changes to your team. This will allow your team to be sufficiently prepared for the renovation and give them an opportunity to provide you with feedback, potentially drawing your attention to something that may have been previously overlooked. Your entire renovation process will also be far easier if your team is both aware of and on board with the project.

After completing all of your pre-planning, you’re ready to start speaking with an office fit out company. For all your office renovation needs in Perth, contact the Office Fitout Professionals today.