Why Efficient Interior Design Is the Way of The Future

Office designs have certainly seen some significant changes over the years. Suddenly, things like co-working office spaces, bean bags and standing desks have become the norm. While there’s no sign of office trends slowing down, it’s important to know that redesigning your office to accommodate every passing trend would be a waste of time and resources. So, how do we know which trends are passing fads? And how do we ensure that you’re investing in an office design that’ll stand the test of time?

Here are three office design trends that are here to stay!


Open & Well-lit Spaces

Gone are the days of dingey workspaces with fluorescent lighting, offices are now being designed to be open, well-lit and collaborative spaces. Workplaces are being built with long-term design changes like higher ceilings, larger windows and added features like skylights to fill the space with natural daylight. This trend has largely been driven by employee reports of feeling happier and healthier when working in natural daylight. These open spaces allow employees to feel less claustrophobic in the workplace, encourage movement, creates room for thinking and greater levels of team collaboration. So how do we know that open, naturally lit spaces aren’t a passing trend? Well, when we consider that employees feel happier and more productive when exposed to daylight, why would it go out of fashion? In fact, more ‘natural’ working environments are only growing in popularity, for example, the increased use of indoor plants in the workplace! At OFP, we’ve helped businesses across Perth achieve more open and attractive workplaces. Find out more about our commercial fitouts here.


A Balance of Business and Leisure

Another trend that’s here to stay, resimercial design. This design approach has successfully adapted to the demand for more homely workplaces to accommodate employee needs throughout the day. Office designs have become increasingly residential-inspired, with comfortable seating like beanbags, couches and accessories like lamps, rugs, plants and flexible workspaces. While this design approach is usually aesthetically pleasing, resimercial design is so much more than a passing trend. It’s part of a societal shift toward greater employee comfort and wellbeing. Resimercial design is not just about having a funky rug or the trendiest furniture, but strategically designing a workplace that allows employees to feel calm and at ease.  At Office Fitout Professionals, we’ve helped offices across Perth achieve a great balance between business and leisure in their workplace. From overall office layout to furniture and fittings, we can help you achieve a resimercial office space that’ll stand the test of time.


Going Green

If you’re looking for an efficient approach to office design that’ll never go out of trend, go green! Today, more and more offices are opting to undertake sustainability-focussed fitouts, not only to reduce their carbon footprint but also to achieve long-term savings. Green offices will never go out of fashion, especially when you consider the Gen Z and Millennial strong focus on environmental sustainability. Whether it’s installing sustainable lighting, water-saving fittings, maximising natural light, using recycled furniture or green flooring options, a green office design is guaranteed to stand the test of time! At OFP, we’re national experts in sustainable redevelopment. Get in touch to discuss sustainable fitouts, or read our recent blog post ‘Why Sustainable Fittings Are The Key to Saving on Cost’.


If you’re considering updating your office but want to ensure you’re investing in changes that’ll last for the long-haul, get in touch with the team at Office Fitout Professionals! We’re experts in modern interior fit outs and can assist in everything from the design to installation of your new and improved space. Get in touch today!