The Best Office Layouts For Enhanced Productivity

Did you know that poorly designed workspaces can heavily impact organisational success? A recent study uncovered that 46% of professionals claim that their workspace influences their productivity. The importance of a well-designed working environment cannot be understated, but with today’s evolving trends and growing employee expectations, how do you design an office that truly fosters better productivity, comfort and creativity?

At Office Fitout Professionals, we’ve been keeping on top of office trends to maximise productivity for over 11 years. Here are the best office layouts for enhanced productivity!


Resimercial Layouts

Recent trends have emerged with an aim to promote employee comfort and create a more homely office feel. The worlds of commercial and residential design have collided to forge the way forward – resimercial office layouts. Resimercial office designs incorporate a balance of textures, flexible spaces, soft lighting, indoor plants and residential-inspired accessories like rugs, lamps and couches. With a mix of residential and commercial features, these environments comfortably accommodate a variety of activities and adapt to changing employee needs throughout the working day. Resimercial spaces have been found to encourage a sense of warmth, comfort and familiarity for employees to reach better productivity, inspiration and collaboration.


Tech-Savvy Layouts

There’s no denying that the right technology improves a workplace’s efficiency and productivity. Today’s most productive workplaces have adapted to integrate technology in their layouts. Whether it’s rooms equipped with interactive boards, televisions, microphones and screens to display company progress or long tables suited to collaborative projects, tech-savvy layouts help offices to remain streamlined and productive in the increasingly ‘remote working’ culture.


Multi-Workspace Layouts

Designing an environment with multiple workspaces is a great way to keep employees inspired. Studies have found that sitting at a desk for too long can impede employee efficiency, productivity and result in brain fog. Creating a dynamic space in which employees can switch up their scenery can quite literally shift their brain and help them to stay focused. The trend of dynamic office spaces with various environments like lobbies, break out rooms, conference rooms, kitchens and lounges enable employees to vary their routine for maximised inspiration and creativity. At OFP, we recommend a layout that incorporates personal spaces for employees to customise and make ‘theirs’, collaborative spaces for team meetings and ‘thinking rooms’ for those instances where employees require space and quiet.


Movement-Promoting Layouts

Similar to offering a space with variety, it’s been found that an office layout that encourages movement throughout the day can improve productivity. Creating a space that encourages quick breaks throughout the day can help employees re-focus and gain a new perspective on their task.  In fact, multiple studies show that breaking up employee work time with small mental rest opportunities improves productivity, employee wellbeing and lowers stress levels. The most productive offices are designed to facilitate small bursts of movement throughout the day. Whether it’s locating the printer in a separate area, having a central water cooler or installing sit-to-stand desks – maximise your office efficiency by creating reasons for employees to refuel and refocus.


Sustainable Office Spaces

People want to work for businesses that take sustainability seriously. A recent survey found that almost 40% of millennials consider their potential employers approach to sustainability when selecting a job. Employees feel most inspired and satisfied in a workplace that aligns with their morals, so designing a sustainable space can help motivate employees and improve productivity. Read our recent blog post Why Sustainable Fittings Are the Key to Saving on Cost’ to find out more about creating an environmentally sustainable office space!


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