Alternative Office Partition Ideas

While it may seem like a great idea to work in an office with an open plan design, it’s far from practical to operate in a completely unstructured environment. Office partitions are essential for creating zones within the workplace. From thriving hubs where creatives can collaborate, to quiet areas where team members can focus on more challenging tasks, there are many different types of spaces that may be required throughout your office.

When segmenting your office into different working areas, you need to consider design aesthetic. The colours, textures and materials used in your office partitions will have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere of your workplace. You can style your office dividers to express your brand or use them to create a certain ambience. Alternatively, you can use them for more functional purposes. For instance, if your office is often subjected to Perth’s harsh sunlight, your office partitions in Perth can be used to reduce glare or block heat.

Here’s some unique and interesting ways you can segment your working space.


Wooden Pallets

Offices can easily become cold and clinical environments that fail to encourage productivity. By using raw textures and earthy tones in your office design, you can create a rustic look that is far more inviting for staff and clients alike. Using wooden pallets to section your workplace is one way in which you can achieve this result. Made from recycled materials, wooden pallets are an eco-friendly and inexpensive option.


Plant Walls

If you’ve been to some of Perth’s newer bars, such as Henry Summer or Sweetwater Rooftop Bar, then you may have noticed the growing trend of indoor plants. Aside from adding a burst of natural colour, injecting greenery into your office comes with all sorts of other benefits. They can reduce air pollutants, keep air temperatures down and help to create a tranquil mood. By attaching planter boxes to a basic office partition, you can turn an otherwise blank canvas into a lush office feature.


Patterned Frosted Glass

Glass dividers are a popular choice in modern offices as they allow for the even distribution of light and create an impression of spaciousness, while also reducing noise. You can take a standard glass office partition and turn it into something truly original by using custom frosting designs. Frosting won’t inhibit the properties of the glass and it will also allow you to create something eye-catching. From geometric patterns to your very own logo, there’s so many ways in which you can decorate a glass partition.


Creative Space

To create a multifunctional office divider, you can apply whiteboard or even blackboard paint to a plasterboard partition and transform the surface into an interactive workspace. Or if you’d prefer something less practical and more visually appealing, you could paint a mural onto the partition to add some vibrant colour into your workplace.


Artistic Metalwork

If you’re open to investing in a feature that makes a real statement within your work space, then you could consider a metal office partition. You can create sleek and modern designs with laser cut decorative metal or you could achieve a bolder and more striking look through welding techniques.


Decorative Bookcase

Finally, you could use shelving to segment your office. By using a bookcase comprised of backless cubes, you can create a similar effect to a glass partitioning system, with the added bonus of extra storage space. An open bookcase allows light to flow throughout the room and also assists in creating a greater sense of space. You can fill the shelves with knick-knacks and other fun objects that can bring a touch of character into your office.

Here at Office Fitout Professionals, we can work with you to create your ultimate working space. Find out how we can use partitions for offices to achieve your design vision today.