How Colour Can Impact Your Office Interior Design

Selecting the right combination of colours for your office interior design is not as simple as pairing a few complementary shades that look aesthetically pleasing. The colours used in your office design can have a significant impact on your employees and your clients who will subconsciously react to their surroundings. While certain colours can boost productivity and general mood, colour also has the power to influence negative behaviours.

A recent study by the University of Texas found that office interiors dominated by grey, beige and white tended to lead to increased sadness and depression, especially in women. On the other hand, spaces overwhelmed by orange and purple tones tended to have a similar effect on men.

It’s important to note that many factors can alter the impact of a given colour, including different combinations and variances in tone. When selecting a colour scheme for your office interior design, you need to consider the lighting, furniture and other textures in the room that could interact with the shades you’ve chosen.

At the end of the day, colour is subjective, and each individual will respond differently, but there are some general psychological theories that you can follow when applying colour in your office design.


Blue & Green

As low wavelength colours most commonly found in nature, blue and green can have a calming effect on your office interior, while increasing efficiency and stimulating mental focus. Blue is often associated with stability and reliability, and certain shades can promote positivity and productivity, making it a suitable colour to apply in large, open plan spaces.

With a tendency to be less harsh on the eyes than other hues, green is an excellent colour to use in spaces where employees will be likely to spend long hours. Representing balance and growth, green has been known to reduce fatigue and eye strain. One of the easiest ways to introduce green into your office design is through plant life, either through pot plants or even a green wall.

How Colour Can Impact Your Office Interior DesignHow Colour Can Impact Your Office Interior Design


On the opposite side of the scale is red. Passionate and intense, red is a high wavelength colour that is known to increase heart rate and blood flow.

Given its alarming effect and suggestion of urgency, it’s a colour that’s best used sparingly or to draw attention to specific details. When red dominates an office, it can evoke aggression and stress, but a simple pop of red in your décor or a feature wall can lead to boosted energy levels and efficiency.

If your office interior design includes an area for physical activity, you may consider injecting red into this space. Alternatively, it’s best to use red in the parts of your office that generally aren’t used for working, such as bathrooms, hallways and kitchens.


Orange & Yellow

Warm and bright, both of these colours are connected to happiness, optimism and increased mental energy. Yellow in particular is known to stimulate creativity and innovation, making it an ideal colour to use in areas of your office interior that are designed for collaboration.

At the same time, yellow can be quite overpowering when inappropriately used in interior design. It’s best to balance yellow with a lighter, more subdued shade and to use it mostly as an accent on furniture and décor.

The same goes with orange. As identified in the study, too much orange can quickly become agitating. When used correctly, however, orange can encourage greater determination and feelings of success. As orange can be quite eye-catching, it’s best to use it to highlight certain elements in your office design.

Orange & Yellow


Black & White

 Without getting into a debate as to whether black and white constitute as colour or the absence of colour, it’s safe to say that both can have a significant impact on your office interior design.

Connected with cleanliness and purity, white tends to be heavily used in sterile environments, but it can also create the impression of spaciousness when used wisely within an office space.

Surprisingly, black can be quite emotive, with the ability to have a powerful effect on a working environment. It can be challenging to incorporate large volumes of black into an office design as it absorbs natural light. When used appropriately, however, it can indicate luxury and elegance, authority or mystery.

Even once you have identified the most suitable colours for your office interior, you will still need to decide how to incorporate your colour scheme into your design. While certain colours can be painted onto your walls, others will be more appropriate in your furniture, décor, artwork, flooring and even the ceiling.


It’s best to engage an office interior designer to help you find the right balance and combination of colours throughout your workplace. In Perth, the Office Fitout Professionals can take care of all your office interior design needs. Contact us today.