The Effect of Interior Design Colours

If you’ve ever found yourself at work feeling uninspired and unmotivated – chances are, your office colour scheme may have something to do with it.

So what is the effect of colour on the design of interior space? What are the effects of colouring in an office? 

If you’re planning on redesigning your office, this blog has everything you need from colour swatches to finish.

Read more to find out about the world of interior colour schemes and office wall designs that can improve your mood in the office.


How does interior design affect mood?

Studies show that usual office wall paint colour combinations of white, grey, and beige tended to lead to increased sadness and depression.

Being intentional in the colour theme of your office interior design can increase productivity and drastically affect the mood of your working environment. 

Depending on the effect you want, there are plenty of options and colour palettes available.

Colour psychology shows that certain colours can evoke certain emotions and moods from people – subjective to how they respond, and each colour palette serves a different purpose. Be careful to make sure the colours you choose convey the right message to your clientele and workers.


How does colour relate to interior design?

Whether you’re designing a suitable workspace or even looking to revamp your current office interior, it’s good to consider what effect you’d like it to have on your employees.

Not just in the colour combinations themselves, the way these colours are applied to the workspace should also be considered while planning interior design. Having a cohesive and purposeful interior design can lead to more productivity in the workplace.


So how should you pick what is right for your office?

There are several colour schemes that work well for offices, but not everything will work for every office – and trying to combine all of them together will result in an in-cohesive and jarring workspace.

Consider your criteria when choosing your theme:


What will the space be used for? Who will be using it?

Bursts of bold colours in an office reception or common area can be appealing to visiting clients, but if you’re looking for something to use in a secluded focus area, calming colours could work better.


What does the rest of the space look like?

If you’re only looking to decorate one room or one section, take into consideration the rest of the office so that the colour you choose will be cohesive with the rest of the office.


How can I apply the colours?

Sometimes, when we pick a colour palette that we like, it may not suitably translate into wall colours. Look for places you can incorporate different colours while still being cohesive to the palette. A bright orange would be jarring on the walls, but could make the room pop as a cushion.

A common interior design tip is to follow a 60/30/10 rule, with a dominant colour, a secondary colour, and an accent colour.

As the office walls are a large part of the room, picking the right office wall paint colour could bring the whole interior together.

After you’ve considered all these things, it’s time to think about what moods you would like to bring out in the office and which colours will help you achieve that.



Studies have shown that people are generally more productive and get deeper into the thinking process in a blue room. Deep blue can also bring a sense of tranquillity and relaxation to your workers.



Green symbolises collaboration, creativity, and positivity. As green is associated with natural elements, psychological studies suggest that being in a green room inspires the innate human tendency to form connections.



Red is a strong colour that can bring warmth into the room. Red is bold and can be used to invigorate a space where more physical activity is needed. However, it is such a vibrant colour that too much of it can cause headaches and discomfort, so be sure to use it sparingly.



Deep purple and other types of “space colours” can provoke deep thought and creative thinking. These colours are suitable for stores that promote mindfulness and give a sense of zen. Purple itself is not used very often in the workplace, but has historical association with luxury.



Bright and inspiring, yellow can bring a flashy pop of colour into your room and brighten your day. A pop of yellow in your room is energising and positive, but a highly saturated yellow should be used sparingly to avoid headaches.



Orange can be used to energise and encourage determination in your workers. It is also a warm colour that can be inviting to guests. Similarly to yellow and red, too much of it can be overwhelming with prolonged exposure.


Black and White

Neutral wall paint colours. These colours and beige have been used in office spaces everywhere and can sometimes be considered boring or uninspiring, but neutral colours are very necessary to accentuate the elements of colour you do choose to highlight.

Other things to consider when designing your office interior is whether you’re getting natural light in the office and how your colours are finished.



Coloured lighting can be used to upgrade the vibe of your office and improve creativity, but we would recommend getting as much natural sunlight as possible in the office. The sun has invigorating effects and can increase efficiency in the workplace if workers are able to experience it during the day. It can also contribute to a burst of positive energy in the office.



Sometimes, if a wall has a glossy, high-shine finish, it can strongly reflect light and produce an irritating glare. Avoid this by having soft matte finish walls and instead using glossy furniture to stand out amongst the walls.


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