The Importance Of Ergonomic Office Furniture

8 hours per day. 40 hours per week. 2,080 hours per year. That’s how many hours your employees could be spending in your office fit out. To put it into perspective, that’s roughly 25% of a person’s life over the course of an entire year. Given the large proportion of time your team members will spend sitting in your workplace, it’s very important to provide them with office furniture that is ergonomically sound.

Ergonomic office furniture is all about providing comfort and ensuring workplace safety. From desks and chairs to keyboards and monitor stands, every element in your office fit out has the potential to contribute to the ergonomic conditions of your working environment. There are many benefits to be gained from providing your employees with a comfortable and safe workspace. Here’s our top 3.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

Reduce Pain & Discomfort

An ergonomic office furniture fit out has the power to improve physical health. By using office chairs that conform to the body and support the spine, your team members will be less likely to hunch over their desks. Their improved posture will prevent ongoing muscle strain and regular visits to the chiropractor and/or physiotherapist. An ergonomic chair should have padded back and a stable base, with the ability to be customised to each individual. Adjustable chair and armrest heights will allow each employee to alter the chair to their individual body type.

Standing desks can also work wonders in reducing muscular pain. By switching between sitting and standing via an electronic desk, your team members will be putting less ongoing pressure on their joints. Studies have also indicated that standing desks can stop blood sugar levels from rising and also reduce fatigue.


Good Health = Good Work

When your employees aren’t troubled with muscle aches and pains resulting from a poor office fit out, they are more likely to be more productive. They’ll be able to focus on their work without being distracted by their own pain. Their minds will be clear and headache free, which means they’ll be less likely to make errors in their work and will be more likely to finish tasks in a shorter amount of time.


Improved Overall Wellness

On top of supporting physical health, an ergonomic office fit out will also positively impact the mental health of your employees. If they associate their working environment with negativity and think of it as a place of pain, they will instinctively dislike their workplace. This could lead to increased sick and personal days, as your employees will not be motivated to engage in activities at your workplace. On the other hand, if your team members experience an environment that provides them with proper physical support and prevents stiffness and soreness, they will be far more inclined to come into the office and produce good results.


How To Improve Your Office Fit Out

As mentioned, using ergonomic chairs and standing desks is a great first step. From there, you can start to implement technological accessories to further enhance the ergonomics of your office fit out. By attaching computer monitors to support stands, your staff will be able to adjust the height and set their preferred distance between them and the screen. This ‘sweet spot’ will be slightly different for each person and will help to reduce eye strain. You can also use purpose-built stands to increase keyboard heights and reduce wrist pressure throughout the day. Even your lighting can have an impact on ergonomics. Keeping your office well-lit with a balance of natural and artificial lighting will promote eye health and reduce mental strain.


If you’re looking to create a working environment that provides comfort and fosters productivity, contact the Office Fitout Professionals in Perth today.