How To Modernise Your Office Design

There’s a lot to love about the 1980s, but no one wants to work in an office that looks and feels like it hasn’t been updated in over 30 years. Business owners seeking a commercial space to rent are not going to be impressed by an old-fashioned office design. Clients entering an outdated office will be given a poor impression of the business, and employees forced to work in such an environment will be less than inspired.

At the end of the day, an outmoded office interior design isn’t going to appeal to anyone. The question is, does your office require a complete overhaul to bring it into the 21st century? Or could you make some smaller changes to freshen up your office and modernise your space? If you’re in the latter category, here’s three ways to revamp your office interior design and bring it into 2019.



You can instantly transform your office by replacing manual tasks with digital solutions. Does your reception area require visitors to sign in? Ditch the pen and log book in favour of a device that allows guests to check in via the click of a button. Need a client to approve a lengthy document? Avoid printing out a bulky stack of paper and present your client with a soft copy via a company tablet instead. Do you regularly conduct presentations in your boardroom? Take down the projector and opt for a smart TV with either Chromecast or Apple TV for ease of screen sharing.

Speaking of smart, smart homes are only just beginning to become more popular in Perth, so why not jump ahead of the rise of the trend and become a smart office? Control lights, temperature and security with technology, making office life more convenient and comfortable.

You could also bring voice activated devices and virtual assistants into your office. If Siri and Alexa can play your favourite music and look up recipes while you’re cooking at home, wouldn’t it make sense to take advantage of their capabilities at work? You could walk into your office and ask your virtual assistant to connect you directly to your conference call without even lifting a finger.

Overall, by adding a touch of technology to your office interior design, your workplace will become far more dynamic and efficient.



If you were to imagine a stereotypically old-fashioned office, what would you picture? It’s likely that a dark, dank space with low ceilings and no windows comes to mind. To modernise your office, you need to aim for the exact opposite. Let in the Perth sunlight and brighten up your space. Open up small, enclosed areas and allow your office to breathe.

Depending on the structure of your office building and your budget, it may or may not be possible to alter the lighting or move walls and partitions. A less invasive approach would be to add some greenery into your office design. Harvard recently conducted a study that found the use of plant life in the office could boost cognition by 26% and reduce sick leave by 30%. With the power to improve productivity, the addition of greenery is an excellent way to refresh your office interior design. Ferns and cacti offer relatively low maintenance options that will enable your office to feel more inviting.



What does a drab, empty wall space contribute to your commercial office? Well, quite frankly, not a lot. If the walls of your office are plain and mundane, how can you expect the activities that happen within them to be any different? The solution? Wall art.

Think about your brand and the type of working environment you wish to create. Do you want to fill your office with vibrancy and energy? Then a brightly coloured piece will work perfectly. If it’s more appropriate to express soothing and calming vibes in your office design, then perhaps a landscape or coastal print will be more effective.

Perth’s boutique cinema The Backlot Studios opted for an iconic mural of Heath Ledger dressed as the Joker to liven up its walls. The artwork perfectly complements the atmosphere of the cinema and gains an immediate reaction of awe from all who enter.

How To Modernise Your Office Design

Taking a blank wall and converting it into mindful art is a perfect way to modernise your office interior design. If you’d like to discover other ways to refresh your commercial office design, contact Office Fitout Professionals in Perth today.