Top 10 Office Interior Design Trends of 2022

Now that the world is opening up again, many of us are slowly regaining the momentum of heading to the office weekly. However, one of the best parts about working from home is having the liberty of designing your own office space that best fits your style while still being functional. Who is to say we cannot achieve that in your office too? 

Over the years, office interior designs have revolutionised into something more customisable, making many office workers more welcomed and productive at work during the day. Additionally, what recent global events have taught us is to have offices that are transformable and provide a healthy work-life balance. Let us get into more detail by looking at the recent top office interior design ideas and trends for 2022. 


What are the different types of office layouts?

  • Traditional Office Layout
  • Low Partition Office Layout
  • Team Oriented Office Layout
  • Cellular Office Layout
  • Cubicle Office Layout
  • Open-Plan Office Layout
  • Hybrid or Combination Office Layout
  • Glass Partitioned Office Layout 
  • Private Office Layout 
  • Home Office Layout 


What do you need to consider when planning your office layout?

As an office manager or business owner of any kind, you want to create an office space that is both comfortable and conducive for your team. In order to do that, there are five factors you would want to consider before planning a layout that might be permanent for years to come. 

  • Navigation and Space 

This refers to having a good floor plan layout. One issue you would want to avoid is having too little or too much space in your office which can distract you and your team. Manage and utilise each space efficiently to create a collaborative, productive and creative headspace which will in turn increases team performance and growth. 

  • Lighting

Yes, lighting does make a difference in both team performance and the monthly electricity bill. Not only will natural lighting reduce energy consumption, but it has also been shown to boost productivity and the overall mood and satisfaction of office workers. When it comes to designing an office, the more natural light there is, the better. 

To complement natural lighting, you can opt for LED lighting to be installed. Especially if your office has a display section for customers to look around. They come in various designs that will surely fit any aesthetic. 

  • Multipurpose Spaces 

As virtual offices have become the norm, there is no longer a need for a big, lavish office unless it is by choice or a necessity depending on the industry. To add on, offices are of valuable real estate investments. Hence, it is important to utilise each space carefully and appropriately. 

Consider having multipurpose spaces that can function for many reasons. For example, the lounge space is also a casual meeting spot or the office cafe may be turned into a working hub. This is a cost-effective decision that motivates office workers to actively participate and collaborate with one another. 

  • Theme 

The theme or style of your office space is also an important factor to keep in mind as it should reflect the nature of the business your office is representing. For example, if your office works along the lines of sustainability, from the colours of your walls to the materials of your furniture should reflect that value. That way, customers or clients visiting your space would immediately understand your brand. 

  • Cost

At the end of the day, the cost is always a factor to consider when it comes to anything. Have a budget and stick to it as you start designing the best office space for you and your team. With today’s innovative designs, you are able to achieve an office layout design with nearly any budget. There is an array of designs to choose from that would fit all types of office layout ideas. 


What’s in and out for 2022?

A lot has changed over the past few years and we are here to help you dissect what are the current office trends and what is not. These trends can be altered to suit any type of office design or floor plan you envision. 


What are the latest trends in office design?

  • Sustainability 

Offices all around are starting to actively incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly materials in their office. By doing so, commercial office designs are healthier for both the Earth and your team as they would significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprints. Additionally, it reflects a good image of your company to clients and customers. 

  • Neutral Colours

Neutral colours will never go out of trend and that can be seen every year in any commercial office design of any kind. Off-white, cream and muted greens have become some of the most used colours as they can be easily matched and creates a calm environment. 

  • Recreational Spaces 

Having recreational spaces is much more pertinent than you may think. Many studies have shown office workers have higher productivity, better employee management and improved morale at the office. This is a place for your team and yourself to relax and bond with one another apart from work. 

  • A Sense of Home 

This refers to having a comfortable and safe environment for your employees to work in. Having softer or warm colours or materials present such as carpet and wood will help create a sense of harmony in both the interior and amongst employees. 

  • Versatile Furniture 

When it comes to furniture, you would want them to be as versatile as possible. They would be cost-effective, save tons of space and could improve employee health. This is particularly handy when it comes to a smaller office floor plan. For example, ergonomic desks can be both sitting and standing desks that help improve their posture. 

  • Natural Light

Improves overall workflow and employee mood and satisfaction, natural light does wonders to the office. Not to mention, it adds a nice warmth to the workplace environment as well. 

  • Open Working Spaces

As its name suggests, open working spaces are designed to promote collaborative and communicative environments amongst office workers. Open working spaces have been in trend for some time now as they are great for meetings, team building activities and all in all a healthy workplace. 

  • Biophilic Office Spaces 

Firstly, what is a Biophilic office design? In summary, a biophilic office design brings the outdoors indoors. It is an architecture style that connects office workers closer with nature. It can be achieved through colour, texture, light, space and of course, greenery. This is a very popular trend as it creates a dynamic and modern space for employees to work in. 

  • Easy Accessibility

This refers specifically to office accessories such as electrical plugs, pods and many others. One thing that frustrates many of us is not having easy access to charging pods or connectivity which can hinder overall productivity and mood. Once these issues are solved, it enhances the work environment significantly.  

  • Customisability 

Yes, customisability. Nobody likes to attend their office space without having the liberty to customise it that best reflects their personality. Having your employees appropriately deck out their space however they like shows character and inclusivity amongst each other. Additionally, this is a great conversation starter which leads to a better and more vibrant working environment.  


What is the interior design trend for 2022?

Apart from the list, a long-standing trend would be minimalism and neutrals. The use of greys, greens and neutrals of beige and cream-coloured anything has been at an all-time high in offices. They are easy to match and blend in across any new and existing office style, safely lasting for many years to come. 


Who can help you with your interior design planning?

Ultimately, as a business owner, you would want to create a workplace atmosphere that boosts productivity and positivity. Although it is enlightening to know the latest office trends of 2022 that help provide the atmosphere, you can get overwhelmed by the choices available. Here at The Office Fitout Professionals, we provide some of the finest office interior design consultations that will help you achieve your desired office space. 

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