Commercial Interior Design Inspiration

Ready to increase the style, function and space in your commercial office but not sure where to begin? The best place to start is by having fun researching office interior design ideas to figure out what will suit your best business longterm. Whether you are redesigning an office for a small or medium sized business, this blog is for you. 


What are the different types of office spaces?

With the increase of startups, remote working, and side hustles office spaces have transformed to suit a range of needs.


Co-working spaces

Coworking spaces allow different businesses to work alongside each other in communal offices, whether it’s a business run by just you or with a team of 50 employees. The flexible office design in a co-working space allows working professionals to hire a single desk, multiple desks, or an entire meeting room. 

Virtual office space 

Virtual office spaces allow businesses to run smoothly without the need for a physical office space. A virtual office provides you with a business address and reception services as well as the option to hire a desk or meeting room when necessary. 

Traditional office

A traditional office space is a private office space that a business owner rents or buys. The commercial interior design of a traditional office space generally includes private offices, meeting rooms and communal spaces. 

Home office 

A more popular office trend to emerge from the last couple of years is the home office. This is a small office layout many business owners run their business from. Whether you have one employee or ten, a home office can offer many benefits including lower business expenses.  


What are the 2022 trending designs and ideas for commercial spaces?

Looking for commercial interior design inspiration for your new office fitout? Here are interior design trends and office layout ideas to help you visualise what your upgraded commercial space should look like. 


Bring nature inside: 

In 2022 there is no doubt that bringing the outdoors in enhances the look and feel of a small office layout. Not to mention the powerful mental health benefits from being surrounded by vibrant, air-purifying plants. 


Sustainable choices: 

Business owners are focusing more and more on making environmentally-friendly office design choices. This factors in lighting, flooring, and functional and comfortable furniture that lasts a long time. 


A strong focus on wellness and community:

In 2022 most business owners recognise that the wellbeing of their employees affects their productivity, and their workplace environment has a lot to do with it. Office interior designs are becoming more focused on promoting wellbeing, incorporating lots of light, healthy snacks, gyms, quiet rooms, nap pods and even spaces that encourage having fun like a rockwall.


What are the types of commercial interior designs/ideas?

The most common interior design trends for 2022 are all based on office functionality and productivity. The most common office layout ideas include: 

  1. Open plan offices
    The open plan office helps to increase workplace productivity by creating a space where collaboration is easy and people’s claustrophobic fears are reduced
  2. Create work specific areas
    Making areas for people to do specific work is common in an office because it gives people an outlet to be loud and collaborative, as well as a silent zone for when it’s time to concentrate.
  3. Natural lighting
    It is a natural human response to be more energetic when there is plenty of natural light. Introducing plenty of light into the office will increase productivity.
  4. Colour psychology/brand design
    You should be selective of the colours in your office, and let them reflect your brand. Your office space is one of the main ways you can communicate your brand with your employees and clients, so you should be very careful when selecting your colour scheme.
  5. Form follows function
    Make sure your office is as functional as possible before you start to worry about aesthetic commercial design choices. With a functional office your employees will feel comfortable and supported with their work, which will increase office productivity.


How do you know which design/type of space is right for your commercial office?

Commercial office fitouts are exciting for both your business and your staff, offering increased productivity, staff happiness, and room for growth. But where do you start when choosing a new office interior design in Perth? Here are a few vital factors to consider when deciding what office design and type of space is right for your business.


Think ahead

Don’t just design a small office layout that enhances your business right now, also plan for the future of your business. Do you need a commercial interior design that allows space to expand your team? 

Understand your budget

Do you have a budget for your small office fitout? Have you accounted for unexpected costs? Working out whether you can afford an office fitout before you begin designing your new dream space will create a smoother experience. 

Work space upgrades 

Technology is constantly changing and improving and if your business or industry relies on the latest technology improvements you want to accommodate frequent technology updates in your office design.

Connect with your branding

What is your business’s brand image? Create a powerful office design that reflects your business brand and the message you want to convey to your clients. 

Focus on staff needs 

How can you create a happier workplace for your staff? An enjoyable workplace with comfortable office furniture and quiet and calming spaces can boost productivity and overall workplace satisfaction.

Check building requirements

Your building requirements might limit some of your exciting ideas. Checking before you start designing your commercial design can help you minimise costs.


What is included in commercial design?

Depending on the team you hire, your commercial office fit out can include an office design or an all-inclusive turnkey solution. Here is what is included in Perth’s Office Fitout Professionals services:

  • Carpentry and joinery 
  • Electrical and data 
  • Flooring and ceiling 
  • Plumbing 
  • Painting 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Fire services 
  • Furniture supply
  • Glazing 
  • Security 
  • Signage


Who can help you with your interior design?

Revamping your office interior design can be a time consuming and difficult task if you’re not sure what you need or where to begin. Perth’s Office Fitout Professionals include experienced commercial interior designers. From choosing a layout, colour scheme, furniture, lighting and carpet the team at Office Fitout Professionals can help you choose a commercial design that’s perfect for your office needs.

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