Optimise Your Medical Fit Out For Patient Comfort

Given the vast range of healthcare options now available in Perth, patients have become spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a preferred medical provider. With the increase in competition, practitioners are starting to recognise the need to go above and beyond to exceed patient expectations and ensure return visits.

No matter whether you’re managing a GP medical centre, a physiotherapy facility or a dental clinic, your medical fit out will always have a significant impact on the experience you provide to your patients. Here are a few ways in which you can optimise your medical centre fit out to cater to all patient needs and create an environment that offers the ultimate in patient comfort.


Create a Soothing Space 

When people attend a medical facility it’s generally due to the fact that they are unwell or in pain. There will occasionally be times when patients are merely seeking a general check-up, but even the simplest of appointments can be a source of anxiety or discontent. Working under the assumption that patients are already entering your medical centre in a negative frame of mind, you need to do everything in your power to offset their mood and put them at ease.

Every aspect of your medical fit out can be designed to improve the mental wellbeing of patients. Light and neutral colour schemes can create a greater sense of space and soothe the nerves, while a soft pop of colour here and there can add a warming effect. Gentle, curved shapes throughout the décor will naturally calm the mind, as opposed to harsh lines and jagged angles that could heighten apprehension. The addition of appropriate artwork and potted greenery can also transform a medical fit out into a far more inviting space.


Comfortable Furniture

Your patients are likely to spend a lot of time in your waiting area, so it’s important to ensure their comfort, especially for senior patients and those that require the use of wheelchairs, walking frames or crutches. A medical reception area should be fit out with durable chairs that offer arm rests and strong back support. Within each treatment room, you should consider offering lower seating or bedding options to cater to accessibility issues.


Easy To Navigate

From the moment a patient enters your medical fit out, they should know exactly where to go. Your reception desk should be easy to locate, and all other areas should be clearly marked, with signage to offer directions as appropriate. Plus, all navigational signs should use legible wording in colour codes that can be read by those with visual impairments. In addition to helping patients move around your facility, clear signage will also prevent patients from accidentally wandering into restricted areas.

While directions will make life easier for your patients, you also need to consider the logical flow of your space. There’s little to be gained from having a well-marked medical centre if it’s comprised of a labyrinth of interconnected hallways that are difficult to negotiate. As your patients could be wheelchair bound or require the use of walking aids, it’s best to have wide corridors that are safe for all to pass through them. It’s a good idea to engage a professional fit out company to assist you in structuring the layout of your medical centre to ensure its suitable for you and your patients.


Natural Lighting

Imagine a dim and dingy treatment room, or a reception area with harsh fluorescent lighting. It doesn’t exactly make for the most welcoming environment. Take advantage of Perth’s sunlight and brighten up your medical fit out with as much natural light as possible. You could install additional windows or even skylights to help let in the light. Of course, you will need to support your natural lighting with an artificial lighting design to help see you through the evenings and cloudy months, but the core aim is to rely as little as possible on lighting sources that can negatively impact on the atmosphere of your medical centre fit out. LED lighting is an excellent option for brightening up a space as it casts soft, even light and is far more energy efficient than other forms of lighting.


Safe & Clean Flooring

With a lot of foot traffic passing through each day, your medical fit out needs to have durable and slip resistant floor coverings. What’s more, given the increased need to maintain a hygienic environment, you also need to ensure your floors can be easily cleaned. In certain areas of a medical clinic, carpet would not be the best floor type due to its tendency to absorb liquids and retain bacteria.


The Little Things

While all of the above will provide your patients with maximum comfort, it’s the little extra things that will give your medical fit out a competitive edge. Think about what you can add to your medical facility for a touch of luxury or to increase efficiencies. You could include iPad screens that offer entertainment and amusement areas for children in the waiting area as well as electronic check in systems.


If you’re looking to revamp your medical centre or take your medical fit out to the next level, contact the Office Fit Out Professionals in Perth today.