Maximise Your Office Space

Maximise your office space to encourage productivity and reflect your business culture.

Your office fit out impacts the work experience of employees and the image clients form of your business. Thoughtful office designs not only benefit employees but also business growth. The following tips will help you use your space more effectively.


Declutter the office

Over time you will probably find clutter has built up or old unused equipment taking up precious space. Take the time to donate or recycle unnecessary items to immediately improve the workspace. This will reduce your storage needs and give a clearer perspective on the essential requirements of a new office fit out.


Partition the office space for more work zones

A simple and effective way to create more office space is dividing a large room with office partitions. Glass partitions are a fantastic way to create new individual or collaborative work spaces without making the office seem cramped and claustrophobic. These partitioned rooms also offer privacy suitable for meetings.

Meanwhile, work station partitions create individual work spaces that effectively remove distractions and promote focus in an open-plan environment.

Maximise Your Office Space


Fit out your office with suitable furniture

Office furniture with ergonomic designs made from high-quality materials can’t be overlooked when it comes to optimising your office space. Taking care of the comfort and well-being of your workers helps increase efficiency, while preventing future injury from work-related strain. With the right office furniture your employees will love coming to work.

office with suitable furniture

Commercial fit out professionals will also tell you even the colour used in the interior design can have a positive effect on the morale of workers. The colours should reflect your business branding or the psychological effect you want to have on your clients and workers. Colours like green and blue are known to improve focus and calmness, while yellow stimulates creativity and creates optimism.


Think vertical storage

There’s a whole new level of office space you can use when you think of wall mounted shelving, hooks and wall cabinets. If you don’t want to drill into the wall there are also desks with overhead storage options. Discuss with an office fit out professional the range of options available and what is most suited to your budgeting or leasing circumstances.


Choose the right ‘mood lighting’

Lighting has an undeniable influence on the mood of a space. For instance, low lighting makes a space seem smaller and may put your employees to sleep. Ensuring there is ample natural light through large windows and overhead lights for the overcast days or darker areas of the office will bring energy to your office. Commercial fit out professionals can install artificial lighting or renovate your office to achieve better lighting by demolishing a wall blocking or using materials such as glass partitions to let in light.

mood lighting