Top 10 Medical Office Reception Design Ideas

Upon arriving at a medical office or healthcare centre of any kind, the last thing you would want to add onto your list of worries is where exactly is the reception area. The reception, usually located at the medical office lobby, is one of the most frequent areas to be visited for both first timers and recurring visitors which makes it pertinent to have a well-designed space. 

You would want a design that is modern, functional and easily maintained. Whether your medical office is a general hospital in the city or a private clinic in the suburbs, having a well-crafted space ensures a safe and pleasant experience to all those around. Hence, here are our medical office reception area design ideas and medical office interior design ideas which we find will greatly benefit your space.  


What do you need to consider? 

Before diving into the specifics of what you want in your medical office design plans, let us take you through what you should be considering. Here are five considerations to take note of: 

  • Wayfinding 

Whether you are a patient, doctor, nurse or a receptionist working at a medical office of any kind, you would want the reception and check-in areas to be easy and welcoming to find. Finding oneself in a medical office can be intimidating as it is, we would not want to find a reception looking unwelcoming and cold as well. Also, having clear signage would help enhance the overall look and feel, and be an indicator to patients and newcomers of the area. 

  • Privacy 

The reception is a place where people often exchange confidential documents and information. Hence, creating a reception space where you are able to protect information of patients is vital in any healthcare facility. For example, have the computers face against the waiting area and make sure there is a good distance between the waiting area and the reception. 

  • Personal Touch

While adding or leaving technology to be the sole greeter and ultimately, the receptionist, is futuristic and modern, it lacks human touch. Having someone to answer your questions and provide assistance is much more welcoming and reassuring.  

  • Comfort 

It is already intimidating enough having to visit a healthcare facility of any kind, let’s use this opportunity to design a warm and accepting lobby and reception area. Not to mention, the reception is the first place most patients would visit, it is important to give off a positive first impression. 

  • Future Forecasting

As it is inevitable to avoid technology, the future of medical office interior designs and medical reception design will further integrate technology into all areas. Be up to date and slowly implement advancements to avoid confusion, and anticipate upgrades whenever need be. 


10 Medical office design ideas

  • Signage 

Having a logo placed at the reception or lobby area of your medical office plays a much bigger role than you would think. Think of this as an indicator to reassure that patients and clients are in the right space and identify with your medical brand.

  • Accessible and comfortable seating spaces 

Installing comfortable seating or waiting spaces is one thing but having them designed ergonomically is another. Make sure your seats are sturdy while being comfy and easily maintained. Padded cushions and rounded edges are always a good idea as it would provide a safer and pleasant experience for seniors and children. 

Remember that medical spaces are required to be cleaned often and you would not want to have multiple waiting spaces with difficult chairs to clean. 

  • Colours 

Do you realise that medical facilities are often tinged blue or use blue coloured interior decorations? That is because, psychologically, the colour blue invokes a sense of calmness and tranquillity. Hence, yes, colours do play a huge role in your medical office design decorating ideas. 

You may want to consider earthy tones as well such as brown, cream and sage green as they too invoke calmness and serenity. 

  • Incorporate nature

Speaking of earthy tones, you could also include nature itself within your medical facility lobby and waiting area. Half the time, many who visit medical facilities are either in distress or in worry. Having indoor plants will not only be pleasing to the eyes but also relieves any negative emotions. 

  • LED lights 

Light Emitting Diode, known as LED, is one of the best cost-effective and energy-saving solutions you could have in your medical centre. LED lights instantly do the job well while saving you half the cost of your electricity bill. They are one of the most opt for design trends as of now too.

  • Multifunctional designs 

Oftentimes we would see medical office designs to be more of a combined space where consultation, diagnosis and services happening in one single location. A multifunctional design refers to having things like curtains or dividing panels to allow privacy. 

Furthermore, this could also be having furniture designs to accommodate smart gadgets such as charging pods, cable management and interactive screens. These thoughtful, multifunctional designs not only help patients and visitors but to also keep up with the advancements in medical facilities. 

  • Structured layout 

This simply refers to having a controlled foot traffic within your facility. What we want to achieve at the medical reception area and the medical facility as a whole is structure. To avoid unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding, the layout of your entire medical lobby should be arranged in a way that has a structure for people to follow. 

  • Be sensitive to patient needs 

Similarly to the concept of implementing ergonomic furniture, include icons or signs to indicate to the public of patient needs. Pay extra attention to doorway widths, elevator buttons, railings of escalators and much more. These tiny details will ease patients who are especially in wheelchairs or gurneys. 

  • Inspirational quotes

Reassure and brighten whoever that visits with a decor of inspiration quotes. We know, medical facilities equal fear and worry. What we want to do is minimise that and provide relief and lift people’s mood. So, why not opt for a simple yet dynamic wall decal that tells an inspiring message? 

  • Sustainability 

Last but definitely not the least is sustainability. From furniture materials to placing aesthetic posters of reminding others to be eco-friendly, this can be reflected in every single area in your medical facility. It is about making mindful, eco-friendly choices that benefits our planet and saves you a lot more in the long-run too. Start small by having recycling waste bins stationed on every floor or use LED as they are the most environmentally friendly bulbs as of now. 


Where to look for your medical office reception designs? 

We are very familiar with the feeling of not knowing where to start when it comes to decorating one’s office. Whether it is the reception, waiting rooms or the break room, office decor requires ample planning and scouting for the right elements. Rest assured that you will be coming to the right place if you need any help, and that is none other than Office Fitout Professionals. Here, we have a team of dedicated, creative individuals who are extremely keen on giving you our best professional opinions of what do or do not go best in your office. Be it a whole new medical office space design or searching for more medical office design decorating ideas, contact us regardless. We will be happy to assist you in your office needs!