Choose the Right Lighting for Your Office Space

Just like about everything in your office, lighting too will impact your office space, employees and yourself. It also reflects the mood and style your company represents which is a great way to set the tone for both potential and existing clients who happen to visit your office space.
having the right lighting can improve employee productivity and satisfaction. Hence, you and your team will have a much more efficient working experience while also being in a comfortable setting. 


What are the different styles of lighting?

While there are many styles and types of office lighting, we narrowed them down to the big three that are most commonly seen in commercial spaces.


Incandescent lighting, unfortunately, is one of the least energy-efficient lighting an office could have. Knowing that office spaces require them to be fully lit for the majority of the day, incandescent lighting would be ideal for places like showrooms or aesthetic purposes compared to workspaces.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive  Uses significantly more energy 
Emits light in all directions Lasts for about 1,000 hours 
Easy to install  Light bulbs can get fragile, hence they need to be handled with care
Available in various shapes, sizes and applications                        


Light-emitting Diode (LED) 

LED lights work on low voltages, meaning they are able to function even in low or dim power supply conditions. In other words, they are highly energy-efficient. Most office desk lamps utilise LED office desk lamps as they are long-lasting and dim according to their environment throughout the day. That in itself is already a better choice for employees’ health.

Pros Cons
Long life-span  Only emit lights in one direction
Environmentally friendly                              


Is LED light good for the office?

Yes, very much so. High-quality LED lights also create healthy work environments and increase employee work satisfaction and productivity. 


This style or type of lighting can be found mostly in schools, offices, and even grocery stores. There are many fluorescent strip lighting ideas that fit any office and commercial space. For example, ceiling coving or cornice, overhead lighting as part of your home office lighting setting and even shelving. 

As some office spaces do not have the liberty of having natural lighting, fluorescent lighting is a common replacement due to its longer lifespan and lower cost.

Pros Cons
Energy-efficient  May produce a low buzzing sound 
Inexpensive  Lights may flicker once in a while
Long life-span (however, shorter than LED)                    


What is the ideal lighting for an office?

Out of the three lighting types available, there are two ideal lighting types that best fit commercial spaces and offices – fluorescent and LED.

Generally, warm or yellow lighting is perfect for places to unwind and relax. Hence, you will notice them in bedrooms and living rooms. Colder lights like blue or white, on the other hand, are great for working and productivity. 

If possible, you may like to consider having the lighting temperature and colours varied throughout the day. Beginning with a cooler, white tone light in the morning to encourage concentration and productivity and gradually shifting to a warmer, yellow tone light in the evening to help relax and wind down after a good day’s work. 

Although this was not on the list, a bonus would be to utilise as much natural light as possible. Studies have shown that natural light reduces headaches, and eye strain and improves overall employee satisfaction during work hours. The best part is, natural light is free and accessible to all but that highly depends on the layout of one’s office space. 


What atmosphere are you trying to create with your lighting?

Think of lighting as the final touch that completes your vision of your office space. The finishing touches elevate the atmosphere according to your plans and in turn, reflects the corporate identity to others. Hence, before even beginning to browse, you should ask yourself what atmosphere are you trying to create in your office space. 

Will it be a productive workspace? A showroom? Perhaps, you might even have a theme for your office that may need specific types of lighting to help enhance those elements. A great example of such would be companies that value sustainability or are part of the green industry. They would opt for natural lighting with more windows and LED lighting as that indicates their corporate identity. Once you have identified what atmosphere you wish to have, the next step is to have a proper lighting layout plan.


How do I create a light layout plan?

  1. Look for a floor plan of your office. If unavailable, try to illustrate a simplified floor plan of your space. 
  2. Identify or outline what takes place in each space.
  3. Using a different colour, identify where light should come from and indicate the existing lighting outlets available. 
  4. Now once everything is identified and indicated, select the specific lighting you want and get creative!


How do you choose the right lighting for you? 

During the early stages of planning, it is only natural to make mistakes but these mistakes can be avoidable. Thus, here are some aspects to consider when choosing the right lighting. 


What do you need to consider?


By creating a light layout plan, you are essentially understanding your space and how much of it you have to get creative with. With bigger spaces, you have the opportunity to install ambient lighting or a statement lighting piece at the centre whereas smaller spaces would do well with wall sconces or lamps. 

Number of windows 

This factor is particularly important for all office spaces as the number of windows determines the amount of natural light you can get. Keep in mind that the more natural light you have, the better. Remember, more windows indicate lesser electricity cost and higher productivity and satisfaction. 

Light Intensity 

Light intensity refers to how underlit or overlit your space is. In workspaces or meeting rooms where brainstorming, and collaborative work occurs, the last thing you would want is an underlit desk space that causes eye strain and migraines. Having office ceiling lights overlit can also cause visual discomfort and glare. It is important to find balance. 


It goes without saying that cost is a factor to be taken into account for whatever aspect of the office. Invest in lighting that will be cost-efficient in the long run and utilise what has already been given in your space such as natural light products. 

Corporate Identity 

What better way to introduce or reinforce your corporate identity to your clients than lighting? Of course, paired with the right design elements and office layout, both new and old clients would get a sense of your company by just being present. This way, you get to effectively communicate your brand identity to all who come in and out which makes choosing the right lighting an important aspect.


Who can help with your interior design?

Be sure to choose lighting appropriately as lighting has a much bigger impact on your office space and employees than you may think. From LED light designs to the installation of space lights, there is just such a wide variety to choose from.

With Office Fitout Professionals, we pride ourselves as one of the best commercial fitouts here in Perth. Hence, we are more than capable to consult you on how to lay out office lights and other interior design needs. Contact us today and we can get you one step closer to your dream office space. 

Choose the Right Lighting for Your Office Space