A Simple Guide on Commercial Electrical Fitouts

Running a business requires every part of your company’s function to run smoothly with as minimal hiccups as possible. From managing your team’s efficiency to maintaining an aesthetically pleasing office space, another important factor you would want to keep in its best condition is your electricity. In other words, your commercial space’s electrical fitout. This can greatly affect your company, both its physical space and the work produced.

Having the right commercial electrical fitout ensures a smooth, productive office space so let us help guide you on how to achieve that.


What is an office fitout?

A fitout can be seen as a transformation of a space into a suitable and appropriate office environment. This means putting up structural windows, dividers, furniture and many more. 

Typically, there are three types of fitouts – Shell and Core fitout, Cat A fitout and Cat B fitout.

Shell and Core fitouts refers to the framework of the space. As its name states, this space is the literal shell and core ready to be added with necessary office elements.
Moving onto the Cat A fitout which is what you will usually find when renting a commercial space. It is a minimal unit with basic utilities such as electrical wiring and plumbing.
Unlike Cat A, Cat B includes what the company and brand needs. Think of the Cat B fitout as a much more functioning and aesthetic upgrade from the previous two fitouts.


What is included in a fitout?

Perth office fitouts include the basic space and to an extent, depending on which fitout, the necessities one would need in an office space. There are various types of fitouts focusing on different wants and needs of a company renting or purchasing the space. Apart from a shell and core fitout, these are what will be included in most other fitouts: 

  • Restrooms 
  • Raised flooring 
  • Meeting rooms 
  • Workspaces 
  • Pantry 
  • Office furniture 
  • Dividers 
  • Lighting system & lighting controls 
  • Electrical wiring 
  • Plumbing 


What is the difference between fit out and refurbishment?

A fitout refers to a new office space that is ready to be rented out according to its contract whereas a refurbishment refers to transforming or renovating an existing space that is already occupied. 


What is the difference in an electrical fitout?

Think of this as an additional part of your usual commercial fitouts. It goes without saying that for an office to run smoothly, you need electricity. Electrical fitouts are an entirely different world compared to changing a busted lightbulb or a faulty switch.
It is about finding or creating the best electrical system that works efficiently and seamlessly. Hence why you should employ a commercial electrician for your office space here in Perth as they have the expertise in helping you create that ideal system. 


How much does it cost? 

The average electrical fitout or commercial fitout costs here in Perth ranges about $600-$800 per square metre excluding taxes. Do keep in mind that this is only a rough guide and that it may vary if you hire a commercial electrician in Perth as well. 


How much does it cost to set up office space?

An average mid-range office fitout generally costs about $850-$1200 per square metre here in Perth. With this range, it allows room for companies to add any additional features on top of their basic office needs. Different commercial fitout companies would provide varying quotes, be sure to compare the quotes thoroughly and choose the one that gives the best value. 


What do you need to know before you start?

The best way to achieve your desired office fitout is to work closely with your commercial electrician. From a simple task of picking the right commercial lighting to electrical installations in various areas around the office, the professional expertise of an electrician would know best. 

Nevertheless, before consulting your electrician, there are several aspects you can start to plan on your own. If you have yet to have an idea where to start, here are some pointers: 

Office layout 

Most office fitout would already have an electrical cabling system installed. As you plan your office layout, mark areas that would need more lighting or are in need of a specific type of lighting. Your electrician would then be able to advise properly on which lighting is the right choice.

Lighting style

Explore different styles and types of lighting that creatively expresses the theme of your space. Would you like to have ambient lighting in the foyer? Or perhaps some LED work lamps by the workspaces? There is a vast variety of lighting styles to choose from so have fun experimenting!

Electrical cabling 

As mentioned, there should already be an electrical system in your office fitout which means there will be designated power plugs and switches. Your commercial electrician will not only do their best to utilise what is already there but works smarter to determine the optimal placement of other power plugs and limit stray wires lying around. 

Prepare a budget 

Electrical projects can get hefty in cost which is why you should work closely with your electrician to make use of the entire budget to the fullest. A good electrician will find the best lighting and additional electrical installations for good value. 

Keep in mind of the brand identity 

Take this opportunity to reflect your brand identity through electrical fitouts in forms of lighting. As there is only so much we can do with office furniture and decorations, office fitouts in Perth can tend to look the same. Look at lighting as your finishing touch that completes the entire look and feel of your space. What mood and tone does your brand have? Can that be achieved through lighting? Think about how you want potential and existing clients and your employees to feel when they step in. 


Who can help you with the process?

It can be stressful when it comes to planning and managing the entire process of finding and installing the right commercial electrical fitout which is why we are here.
We will be sure to provide you with all the tools, designers, and commercial interior builders you may need to aid you in the process. If you are still wondering what are the fitout costs or what type of office fitout would suit your brand, here at Office Fitout Professionals, your answers will be answered by only our friendly experts. Do not hesitate to
contact us today or drop by our showroom here at Perth for an in-person consultation.