The Challenge We Faced

We had a warm shell to start with ( Ceilings and Air conditioning )

Our Scope was to Build three consult rooms | Open Office to accommodate 5 staff | Staff breakout area.

The existing air-conditioning had to be modified to suit the new layout as did the existing fire services.

All consult rooms where soundproofed to ensure minimum sound leakage out to maximise the privacy of the patients.

Our challenge was when we installed the new kitchen. We had to run gravity fed waste which was cored ( Existing floor slab ) and had to be done out of hrs with no disruption to the Tennent below our works. OFP worked closely with the Strata and Tennent so this was architected with minimum disruption.


Our Solution To The Challenge We Faced

We installed new vinyl plank to the entire 120 m2 – repainted the whole tenancy.



Zento ( Client ) where extremely happy with the finished product.