Everything You Need to Know About Office Partitions

Like glass partitions or cubicle offices, office partitions are widely known and generally associated with intense productivity.

We all know that you need to work in an office space, but have you considered whether or not your office space is working for you? For increased efficiency and productivity in shared office spaces, Office Fitout Professionals highly recommends office partitioning.


Are Office Partitions Necessary?

While enhanced collaboration between co-workers and maximised floor space seem good reasons to create an open-plan office workspace, this modern approach has a hard-hitting disadvantage. The increased level of audible and visual interferences, or the distractions in layman’s terms, are endless.

Should the efficiency and productivity of your business come into question, dividing up shared spaces may be a practical solution. Whether you choose to divide your workspace into individual office cubicles or group functions together, like a corner for admin and a designated lunch area, office partitions are the way to go!


What Are Office Partitions Used for?

Office partition walls provide business professionals in shared office spaces the opportunity to focus their undivided attention on the tasks at hand. A cubicle office inhibits the inevitable flow of conversation between colleagues, minimising your chances of being distracted from your work. Office layout can either add to or subtract from the business’s combined level of productivity.


How Do I Create An Office Partition? 

How do I partition office space? Office partitioning can be a simple process, especially if you enlist professional help

Instead of struggling on your own and wasting your time and money, Office Fitout Professionals can help you. With years’ worth of office partitioning experience, we merge functionality and design to bring your office space to life with creativity and productivity alike.


What Are The Different Types of Office Partitions?

There are many office partition types to consider when partitioning your office space. Here are the most popular options.


Movable Office Partition Dividers

Movable office partitions are versatile and cost-effective room dividers. These freestanding partitions are made for portability and can easily be moved around the office to enhance the space available. Movable office partitions suit every interior design style because they can be made from various materials.


Folding Office Screens and Partitions

These are often constructed from lightweight materials and wheels, with folding office partitions highly portable. Therefore, you can quickly set them up to create a private space and then tuck them away again for future use. 

Due to its slim build when folded up, these convenient partitions don’t require much storage space. Folding office partitions range from large accordion walls and office dividers to much smaller acoustic screens. 

They are made from various materials, from noise-reflecting glass and polycarbonate to sound-dampening acoustic fabric. Wicker partitions make a stylish visual barrier for modern offices, though these offer no noise reduction qualities.


Fixed Office Partitions

Fixed office partitions are a permanent alternative to the more portable styles of office partitions, offering premium sound reduction qualities.

These floor-to-ceiling partitions can be made from heavier materials, such as glass, wood, and powder-coated steel.

Fixed office partitions need to be installed by professionals. Contact us today for help!


Glass Office Partitions

A sleek and more stylish solution to solid partitions, glass partitions are transparent and provide floor-to-ceiling coverage. A glass office partition divides your office while also reducing workplace noise. Glass partitions let in both natural and artificial lighting, making the office appear bigger and brighter.

Standard glass office partitions offer minimal privacy, but many frosted glass partitions on the market enhance comfort and privacy.


Demountable Office Partitions

Fixed office partitions may not always be a viable option, especially if you’re working in a rented space.

Demountable office partitions are an excellent alternative to either permanent, floor-to-ceiling partitions or shorter, freestanding screens.

You can mount demountable office partitions right onto the wall with screws and brackets, just as the name suggests, and you can take them down again, if necessary.


Pillar-and-Post Office Cubicles

A different style of office partition, the office cubicle focuses on ultimate individual privacy. 

Pillar-and-post office cubicles are non-permanent office cubicles that offer the functionality of a regular cubicle, with the added freedom to reconfigure and customise your space at any time.

These office cubicles are an excellent option for businesses working out of a rented space and planning to move in the future.


What is a Partition in Design?

The uses of modern office partitions transcend the functional. Office partitions have a significant part to play in the interior design of your workspace. 

Office partitions can:

  • Increase your office’s aesthetics
  • Build a sense of inclusion
  • Create structure and flow in the workplace
  • Be cost-effective and functional
  • Be sustainable solutions to decorate dull spaces
  • Bridge the gap between open concept and traditional office spaces

A unique partition design can make your office stand out from the rest. Take movable wicker partitions, for example. These portable partitions add a funky flair to any space and complement a luxurious leather chair or simply a vase of vibrant flowers. 

You can also use furniture to block off specific spaces in your office. Bookshelves and couches are highly effective partition alternatives to consider based on aesthetics alone.

Many alternative office partition ideas can make your office space more exciting and inviting.


Which Partition is Best for Office?

While office partition productivity can be achieved easily in any workspace, it’s essential to cater to every business’s individual needs. For example, a collaborative, creative company may need less permanent partitioning than other finance-focused companies. 


How to Choose the Correct Partition for Offices in 2022

You may be wondering how to choose the best partition for your office. Here are a few tips:

  1. Know your options and keep customisable possibilities in mind
  2. Set a budget and stick to it
  3. Think outside of the box
  4. Use what you have, like freestanding bookshelves or desks
  5. Don’t compromise on privacy and noise reduction
  6. Focus on the ease of maintenance
  7. Don’t let partitions out shadow your natural lighting


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