How Including Nature can Improve your Office Environment

Here are a few ways to introduce nature into your working environment to make it greener and more natural

Offices are rather sterile environments. Even if you have great views, most offices are cut off from the outside completely, without fresh air or any hint of nature. Now existing offices are hard to change from a structural point of view, but there are a number of things you can do to make your working space more natural. If you are building a new building or revamping your existing one, you have more options.

But if not, what can you do to introduce nature into your work environment?


This is the easiest and best way to introduce any kind of nature into your work space. Plants are known to reduce stress, enhance productivity and help clean the air. Every desk should have a plant and others should be scattered aesthetically around the office. They will green your work area and can help reduce noise. Make sure you get low-maintenance indoor plants that do not need watering every day and are hardy and long lasting. That way, when you return after the weekend or holidays, your plant will still be thriving.

Office Aisle with Individual Plants for each work station


The following plants are known to thrive in an indoor environment.

  • Ivy
  • Succulents
  • Rubber plant
  • Aloe
  • Cactus



Many offices do not have any openable windows. This is difficult to remedy when it comes to letting fresh air into your office. If you do have windows, make sure there is a decent amount of fresh air circulating into your work space. This will make for a much healthier environment compared to plain air conditioned offices. If you do not have any access to fresh air, some kind of fan used in conjunction with the air con will insure that stagnant air will at least be circulated


Green your roof

If you have a flat roof and enjoy relatively easy access from your office, then make use of this area.

Typical Green Roof Garden atop a skyscraper

Planting a veggie or herb garden on the roof will make it a pleasant place to hang out for some fresh air, help insulate your building more naturally and provide your staff with some fresh produce to go with their meals.


Switch off the lights

Some offices keep the lights on because it’s convenient or it makes the office more attractive. But often during daylight hours, if you have sufficient windows, you could switch off the lights and make use of the natural light, which are usually adequate for your needs. This way you also use less energy and cut down on the harsh fluorescent lights many offices are so fond of.


Get out

Get outside. Use your lunch hour effectively and go suck up some fresh air. It will rejuvenate and refresh you and help you get though the rest of the day. While this does not exactly enhance your indoor space, it will make you feel better and ensure that you get some fresh air during the day. If you work close to a river, sea or park, go for a quick walk, you’ll reap the benefits.

Whatever you decide, do something to alleviate the monotony and stale air that can invade your work environment and affect both your mental and physical health.

When you decide your office is in need of a new fitout and you want to make it greener and more natural, speak to the specialists.