5 Simple Steps to Save Money on your Broadband & Home Phone

We’re all doing our best to save energy and water but what can you do about your broadband and phone bill?


Maybe more than you think. Changing to a better plan or provider, bundling your home phone and internet together or switching to VoIP are just some of the ways in which you could save yourself hundreds of dollars a year.


The key is to first sit down with your bill and work out where you are spending your money – then start saving.

1. Understanding your bill

Next time you need to pay your broadband and telephone bill, take a closer look at the breakdown of costs first. Are you spending all your money on local, national or international calls? Do you hardly make calls at all? Are you going over your broadband limit every month, or hardly making a dent in your quota? Once you have identified the areas where you are spending the most money, you can look for a plan that better matches your needs.


2. Call your ISP

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) change their plans every so often, usually for the better. This can mean more data for the same price. However, they won’t always tell their customers about these changes. If you have been on the same plan for a year or more, it’s likely you are missing out on a better deal.  Give your ISP a quick call and ask the question: I use 25GB a month (or whatever your average use is). Am I on the cheapest plan?


3. Compare the market

Once you have a quote from your ISP, take a look at the competition. Churning to another provider is not too taxing, as most ISPs can switch you over with only a few hours of interruption to your service. The easiest way to compare plans from broadband providers is to use a comparison service such as Compare Broadband. Simply select the amount of data you are looking for and the type of connection (ADSL2+, ADSL, mobile broadband, Naked or cable) and the search engine will display the cheapest plans available.


4. Consider a bundle

According to a survey from Compare Broadband, up to a third of consumers subscribe to telephone and broadband services from separate providers. However, many of the best deals on the market are only available to customers who are willing to bundle both services together. TPG and Dodo are two providers that offer significant savings on broadband plans, bringing both services together for under $50 a month.


5. Include calls in your phone plan

Several phone providers understand that people who make lots of calls don’t want the uncertainty of a large bill at the end of the month and allow customers to make unlimited calls for a set amount instead. If you make a lot of local, national or international calls, look for a provider with included calls or consider using a VoIP service instead.



Article by Sarah McDonald from Compare Broadband