Industry Rules & Regulations

There are an ever changing set of industry rules and regulations coming from boards such as Standard Australia that impact the requirements you need to consider when fitting out your office. OFP is always fully up to date with industry requirements and can assist you in all areas to ensure your new Fitout complies.

For example – There are new regulations for:

  • Providing accessible toilets for people with disabilities
  • Install signage to identify location to the toilet
  • Make sure the entrance is free of any obstructions
  • Provide doors that are easy to open and are wide enough for wheelchairs
  • Allow enough room inside the toilet for a wheelchair user
  • Provide handrails for assistance
  • Ensure the toilet, handrails and basin are at the correct height
  • New standards for accessible toilets
  • WC Pan Clearance
  • An additional dimension has been added for the top of the pan, which needs to be between 440 and 460mm
  • The range of the seat lifting arch has been changed to 90˚ to 100˚ in the new standard before it was 100˚ to 105˚.

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