10 Unique Office Trends To Set Your Office Apart

We must admit from the get go, what is unique to us may not be as unique to you. Likewise, to the different types of offices we see today, some may think of them to be unique while others may think it to be rather mundane and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Frankly, it is all about perception and opinions but there are several tried and true office trends that are unique and the trendsetters of interior design ideas here in Australia.

Brands and companies now are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of office design trends and office design ideas, constantly having to either keep up or risk being “old”. The secret to being unique is having your company or brand on style while keeping up with the trends. You may not necessarily need to follow each and every one of the trends but being in the loop of what is popular could also inspire improvement and ideas. Additionally, it could show clients how updated your company is which is always a plus point!


Office Design Layouts

Before going into the various interior design office ideas, we must first understand what type of office fit-outs or layouts you might have. 

  • Shell & Core Fit-Out 

The very first stage of your office fit-out refers to the basic structure. Think of this as a completely empty space, in other words, the shell and core, ready for you to transform however you like.

  • Category A Fit-Out 

The second stage of your office fit-out refers to the basic finishing of your office interior space. It usually has the basic mechanical and electrical layout and services already installed. This is a one-upper from your shell and core, finished with the reception areas and lift lobbies. 

  • Category B Fit-Out 

The third stage of your office fit-out refers to a fully furnished and operational working space that has been designed to fit your particular brand needs. 

  • Cellular Office Layout 

This office floor plan groups several employees into one cell or medium to large-sized cubicles. They could be facing each other or away, depending on how the tables are placed. While still being in these cells, the seating still encourages collaboration and communication with one another. 

  • Traditional Office Layout 

This can be typically seen in most corporate offices back in the day where there are permanent or semi-permanent cubicles built in. There will also be enclosed offices for meeting spaces.  

  • Open-Plan Office Layout 

Now, this office layout is quite common nowadays. The open-plan office layout is just as its name states. All employees would be on the same floor and work in the same open space. There are no cubicles, but rather this open office will promote a more collaborative and engaging environment to work in. 


10 Office Interior Design Trends of 2022 in Australia

Here, we are going to be exploring the top 10 different office interior design trends happening right now in Australia! While these may be topping the charts in 2022, you might see them again next year as we guarantee these trends will not be leaving anytime soon. 

  • Ergonomic Office Furniture 

One of the office furniture trends of 2022 would be ergonomic furniture! Battling with long hours of work in the office and possibly at home, we do not wish to battle with our groaning backs and strained eyes too, do we? We need a comfortable office desk and chair that supports us. 

Ergonomic desks allow us to easily adjust the height that best accommodates our working style, preventing us from straining our backs and eyes any further. This is a great office trend to take note of for both yourself and your employees. 


  • All Things Tech 

With today’s constantly evolving technology, it is no surprise to have them implemented at the office too. This could also add a wow factor to both employees and clients whenever they stop by. 

Here is an idea, instead of the usual office tags we tend to forget from time to time, install an AI facial recognition system upon entering. That way, no one has to worry about their tags anymore and you get a better security system. 

This is also great for small office interior design as it would save a lot of space while still providing what the office needs. Multi-purpose tech as simple as a tablet. Switching from tablet to laptop in seconds can save space on desks as there will no longer be a need for a huge monitor. 

  • Agile Work Spaces 

Having a fixed cubicle workspace is so 5 years ago. It is time for the switch! Have a range of workstations or areas where employees can move around and work from. A change in environment can do a great deal of improvement to one’s mental health, productivity and creative ideation. 

Agile spaces allow you to decorate them however you would like as well. A themed agile space? Why not! Acoustic booths? Sure! Bean bags to rest your back and do your work? Let’s go get some now! You see, agile spaces are not only fun but actually promote a healthier working environment for all. 

  • Inclusivity 

Inclusivity goes beyond being mindful of one’s well-being, pronouns and ethnicity. Inclusivity extends itself to having office spaces and amenities that cater to most needs of employees. 

A great addition would be to have a private breastfeeding room to accommodate mothers at work.

  • Purposeful Amenities 

Speaking of inclusivity, we should also have purposeful amenities that cater to the well-being of an overall office. Nowadays, offices have spaces for leisure activities to relieve and destress. We know work can be tough. Having spaces like a game room, gym or even a lounge allows us to recharge and improve well-being.

  • Bleacher Meeting Spaces

Just like the bleachers you see at a sports stadium, this fun seating arrangement offers a new way to conduct your meetings. It is more casual and collaborative than your usual black-and-white enclosed space. Apart from meetings, you could also use this space to conduct workshops, team-building activities and town hall announcements. Just like a stadium, these bleacher seats can foster an encouraging and motivating work environment. 

  • Sustainability 

This is a trend that you have probably seen and experienced yourself. This has been one of the best office designs of 2022 and that is quickly becoming the new norm in offices but still worth mentioning in our top 10 list. Sustainability can come in the form of habits and design elements installed in your office space. Practice sustainability in not just your habits and culture, but by implementing them permanently in your office space through furniture. 

  • Colourful Brainstorming Areas

When it comes to brainstorming, create a space that is inspiring and uplifting. What better way than to do it with loud colours? Have quotes plastered on the walls, colours bursting through in your office furniture, and fast-working WiFi for faster ideation. These inexpensive elements can be a catalyst for efficient and creative brainstorming sessions.

  • Hybrid Office Designs

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that we all actually work better in a hybrid setting than the usual five-day in-office week. Let us implement that in our offices too. This could be easily achieved by having amenities such as acoustic booths for digital meetings and private calls. 

  • Biophilic Elements

An interior design for a small office would be to have Biophilic elements placed around your office. Biophilic refers to living things like plants and natural light. Placing carefully curated plants around your office can help boost productivity and reduce stress, all while looking aesthetic in your office space. If possible, consider having more windows around your office space as well to help expand the space and have natural light in. 


Where to Get More Ideas

The best office design is always putting your team’s needs above all else. You can have the coolest decoration, the best office design and layout or maybe even the most expensive furniture, but if it does not fit the needs of your people and brand, they might just all go to waste. Look for office interior design ideas that cater to the everyday needs of your team while still providing an aesthetically pleasing outlook.

Not sure where to start? Well, that is why the Office Fitout Professionals are here to help! We can consult you on the best office interior design ideas and begin planning along with you. Drop us an enquiry today or give us a call!