Commercial Interior Design Inspiration

Thinking about renovating your commercial interior fit out, but don’t know where to start? To help you get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a list of inspiring commercial fit outs from around the world. Whether your workplace needs to support and engage your team members, clients or both, you can adapt the ideas used in these various spaces to suit your unique needs.


Inspiration: Minimalism

 Commercial Interior Design Inspiration

Corporate workplaces are often an extreme expression of minimalism, with cold and uninviting spaces that lack any sense of personality. Here is a perfect example of how to create a professional space that’s simple yet stylish in its approach to minimalism.

With a Scandinavian influence, the fit out uses a warm and neutral colour palette that draws on natural, wooden textures. Combined with contemporary lines and angles, the space gives an impression of sophistication. What’s more, the staggered, floating shelves and the geometric book stack suggest the space belongs to a business that is intellectual yet forward thinking.

Every aspect of your commercial office fit out is an expression of your company and its brand. By working with an interior fit out company, you could easily recreate a similar look in your corporate office.

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Inspiration: Collaborative Spaces

Commercial Interior Design Inspiration

 At first glance, the incredible high ceiling and use of wall space is the most striking feature in this open-plan working area. While the architecture and structure of your building may restrict you from achieving a similar look, there are still many other details in this fit out that can be replicated in almost any workplace.

To create a collaborative space, you need to arrange comfortable furniture in a formation that encourages interaction. Here, the various chairs all pointing toward each other and are brought together by the use of an extra-large rug that frames the working area. As the largest and most vibrant piece of furniture, the bright, yellow couch acts as the centrepiece of this arrangement. Its size allows for multiple people to sit together and its colour suggests energy and creativity, all of which fosters an environment for collaboration.

As you may not have as much space to work with in your Perth office, you will need to create the illusion of more space to pull off a similar effect. The use of shelving, lighting and wall cut outs provides an even greater sense of spaciousness in this commercial fit out.

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Inspiration: Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Commercial Interior Design Inspiration Commercial Interior Design Inspiration Commercial Interior Design Inspiration

When visiting the latest Perth venues or scrolling through your social media feed, you’ve probably noticed that indoor plants are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. Indoor greenery can transform a sterile and clinical working environment into one that boosts productivity, improves creativity and reduces stress.

While you can certainly sprinkle indoor plants throughout your workplace to create the desired effect, the Deloitte office in London has taken this a step further by introducing décor that emulates natural elements. The timber staircase is surrounded by semi-transparent partitions in a green and black striped design to give the impression of walking through a rainforest, and collaborative spaces are divided by wooden tree trunks and planter boxes. In the hallway, the walls are covered in turf, and the balustrade on the staircase has decorative cut outs in organic shapes.

By simply bringing aspects of the outdoors into your commercial interior, you can completely change the mood and create a workplace that employees will be far more likely to enjoy.

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Inspiration: Quirky & Edgy

Commercial Interior Design Inspiration

If your brand is a little offbeat, then you’ll want to ensure your commercial interior can express all of its idiosyncrasies. This café design in Istanbul, Turkey uses an eclectic mix of styles to create a truly unique fit out. It contrasts industrial grunge through the exposed brick wall and wrought iron grate partitions with luxurious chairs and a bold, geometric floor pattern.

The key feature is the camel face mural, ensconced in a gilded, antique frame that draws the eye inward. Dramatic wall art can significantly impact a commercial fit out and must be carefully designed to ensure it makes the right statement. When executed correctly, a mural can truly bring your space to life.

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Inspiration: Interactive Furniture

Commercial Interior Design Inspiration Commercial Interior Design Inspiration

Interactive features are an excellent addition for commercial fit outs that are regularly visited or used by clients. You may have heard about the giant slides and firemen poles used in some of the most extravagant offices around the world, but interactivity doesn’t necessarily have to be executed on such a grand scale.

Here we have swings in the place of normal seating in a café and a functional staircase. Instead of simply building a staircase that leads from one area to another, this corporate office in Dublin has opted to use the space to its full potential, creating an area that can be used for a wide array of activities.

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Inspiration: Use Your Brand Colours

Commercial Interior Design Inspiration Commercial Interior Design Inspiration Brand Colours 

This commercial office fit out for global firm Wilton & Bain is a great example of how to use colour in your interior. The designers have used royal blue as the key feature in each space, from the rug in the main lobby area to the feature wall and chairs in the office kitchen. By pairing the striking shade of blue with neutral shades and clever lighting, the blue becomes a strong feature without ever overwhelming the space.

Your commercial fit out can be designed to express the various qualities of your brand, but it can also reflect your brand in a more direct way through the use of colour. A professional commercial fit out company can effectively incorporate your brand colours into your interior to create an environment that is fully integrated with your business and its brand.

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No matter what inspired you the most or what you’re looking to achieve, the Office Fit Out Professionals can assist with all commercial fit outs in Perth. Contact us today to see what we could do with your space.